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Has the Democrat President Obama done more harm to race relations than anybody in the last 10 years?

I hate turning things into a racial issue, but I think that the record speaks for itself as far as Obama goes.

The Tea Party created to combat Obama's reverse-racism, Muslim hate, etc have all been increased since Obama's presidency. He told police that they "acted stupidly" and inspired an entire generation of kids to hate police and hate America and punish success. He has fell far short of our lowest expectations, with his countless unfulfilled campaign promises. The weak racial reconciliation speeches can't help him anymore. In a sense it comes with the territory, but the problem is Obama has no fanbase to fall back on. There is no way to defend his policies unless you point out his race or say "Well he's not worse than Bush." Which is true, but is nothing to really brag about. In terms of history he will be a forgotten president other than the footnote about his background

What history would like is for Obama is to pick one of his core groups and work towards their interests, whether I personally agree with them or not. But Obama is too passive. Even if he's elected for a second term (only because the other candidate will polarize America even worse) and has nothing to really lose, he still won't do anything significant. I remember pointing it out a few years ago (would make me xD if someone found those preelection topics I was so right about) but nobody wanted to hear it. Remember those videos of random bums and college students going crazy. I hope they're still on Youtube at least. Hindsight is 20/20.

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    I wouldn't say race is as dramatic and negative as dividing based on politics. It's insane. You would think we're at war with ourselves just because someone holds a different political view. Politics is nothing more than a faucet of the person, the person is not dictated by politics. It's like religion, there seems to be such paranoia it's unreal.

    I would have to disagree on one thing. I think he is worse than Bush. We have many retirees in this area and those on fixed incomes, receiving Social Security, have not seen one cost-of-living raise since Obama took office. Not one. They had one every year under Bush. Also, due to Obamacare, all of them on Medicare were forced into networks in Dec. If your doctor or medication isn't in the network, tough luck, you aren't covered. And we can have Cash-for-Clunkers, the Dream Act, the Stimulus Bill, Obamacare, DADT attention and still we can't focus on the economy or jobs with any real respect. And we can direct national focus to health, but refuse to acknowledge the staggering costs of wholesome foods or fresh produce in contrast with pre-processed junk.

    Bush had a Pearl Harbor to contend with during his Presidency. Both Pearl Harbor and 9-11 had similar death tolls and were brutally unexpected by the victims. I certainly wouldn't say his Administration was stellar, nothing of the kind, but it certainly wasn't as superficial.

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    He misspoke when he said the police acted stupidly and he admits that. I don't think that can be called racism.

    Conservatives always claim liberals bring up the race card, and many do, but Obama has had nothing to say about race since his presidency began. When Jimmy Carter accused the Tea Party of racism Obama released a statement and said, "No, they are not racist. They just disagree with my policies."

    To accuse Obama of racism is to play the race card yourself. He has said nothing to warrant these attacks

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    The President of the USA is ONE Man...and he is not God. Race does not matter.

    What did GW Bush do that was so significant other than lead thousands of American soldiers to their deaths in Iraq over nothing much at all?

    Oh wait...yeah GW Bush did pander to his race, he helped rid Caucasian Bankers of those demonic things called "regulations" so they could trash the world's economy and get richer while doing it. Of course GW Pandered to a small core group of the Caucasian Race, the Wealthy Elite and essentially kneecapped millions of middle class Caucasians so the Elites could a member of the Caucasian race I am not really proud of that significant achievement of GW Bush's.

    Are you?

    So are you saying Obama should be doing something to empower his fellow Black wealthy elites?

    You seem angry that he has not done this...

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    One thing he's done with no doubt is made chance of a black President in the future impossible. His damage will prevent any other black from winning a major election again. 98% of black voters can't be mad, they are a big part of the reason he's in destroying the country.

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    If Obama would have been a Republican everyone would love black people. So the real issue is that Republicans and those who support them hate Democrats.

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    No he didn't the Tea Party did

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    thats a long paragraphs.

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    Yes he has.

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