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did amanda knox murder meredith kercher?

i think she did but im not sure

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    There is overwhelming DNA and forensic evidence to support the fact that Amanda Knox, along with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede, brutally murdered Meredith Kercher. No amount of fabricating stories, playing the American nationalist card or impugning the Italian legal system will change the facts of the case. Ignore the PR screeds from Knox’s wealthy and influential parents, who are themselves now charged with criminal slander for their scurrilous lies about the Italian police. Forget the lame made-for-TV movies and sensationalistic books dramatizing the crime. Look at the facts:

    • Knox’s DNA was found on the handle (Kercher’s DNA on the blade) of the knife used to slit Meredith’s throat. To cover this, Sollecito twice told an absurd lie about “accidentally” pricking Kercher’s hand while cooking dinner.

    • An abundant amount of Sollecito’s DNA was found on the clasp of Kercher’s bra, which had been forcibly removed (the bra was severed with a knife). Knox’s DNA was also found on Meredith’s bra.

    • Luminol, a chemical agent used by forensic investigators to detect blood at crime scenes, revealed bloody footprints all over the house. The footprints were compatible with those of Knox and Sollecito. An additional footprint, believed to be Knox's, was found underneath Kercher’s body.

    • There were no less than five separate instances of Knox’s DNA being mixed with Kercher’s blood in three different locations in the house they shared.

    • The morning after the murder, Knox showered in a bathroom with Kercher’s blood still smeared across the sink and floor.

    • A shopkeeper testified to seeing Knox come into the store to buy cleaning supplies, most notably the bleach that was used (unsuccessfully) to clean the murder weapon, at 7:45 on the morning after the murder. Knox claimed not to have gone to the store.

    • A staged break-in designed to throw off the investigation was quickly dismissed by police because the window had been broken AFTER the room had been ransacked. Nothing had been taken in the “burglary” btw.

    • Knox and Sollecito gave multiple and conflicting accounts of their whereabouts on the night of the murder. None of their alibis was credible.

    • On the day after the murder, Knox phoned Kercher’s two cell phones, to help establish her false alibi that she was at Sollecito’s apartment. She was then seen throwing the cell phones into a neighbor’s backyard, presumably to aid the burglary story.

    • Knox was photographed kissing and cooing with Sollecito as the forensics team was removing her roommate's blood-soaked body from the house.

    • Knox was seen turning cartwheels and doing handstands after being interrogated at the police station. She evidently thought she’d (literally) gotten away with murder.

    • Knox falsely accused Patrick Lumumba, a former employer, of murdering Kercher. She admitted she knew he was innocent in a conversation with her mother which was intercepted by police. She later changed her story to implicate Guede as the murderer.

    • Knox voluntarily admitted that she was involved in Kercher’s murder in a handwritten note she gave the police, one week after the crime.

    • Knox was constantly laughing, smiling and “voguing” for court cameras during the murder trial.

    • Knox was known to be promiscuous, very kinky in her sexual appetites and heavily involved in drug use (mostly methamphetamine and hashish). Evidence suggests Knox disliked Kercher intensely and was jealous of her good looks in particular. They’d only occupied the house together for a week and were not friends.

    Amanda Knox is no “victim.” The only victim was Meredith Kercher, a lovely and bright young woman who made the fatal mistake of sharing student lodgings with the psychotic Knox. An autopsy revealed that Meredith died a horrific death, suffering terribly at the hands of Knox and her friends. She had been sexually assaulted. The hyoid bone in her neck was broken, indicating she’d been violently choked before being stabbed. Her superior thyroid artery had been severed by one of three slash wounds to the throat. Forensic experts confirmed that she died a slow and agonizing death, literally inhaling her own blood until she drowned.

    I wish people would think about Meredith Kercher and her family before posting offensive questions about Amanda Knox being “railroaded” or treated unfairly by the Italian justice system. Knox is a deranged and homicidal sociopath who willfully participated in the gruesome murder of Meredith. Knox’s behavior in the aftermath of this heinous crime was appalling. She lied up and down, tampered with the crime scene, implicated an innocent man, and otherwise carried on like nothing happened. Her 26-year sentence is far too lenient. Life imprisonment is the very least Knox deserves for her crimes. She is guilty as sin and I hope she rots.

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    I think it'll never be definitively proven one way or the other.

    It has to be one or more of either her, her boyfriend or the African guy who was found guilty, the chance that it was someone else is so remote as to be not credible, although it's a possibility. If she didn't muder Meredith Kercher then I'm sure she knows who did. The appeal looks like being an argument about legal technicalities and trying to confuse the judge with BS rather than establishing innocence.

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    All I know is that Joe Finkle should get the best answer...he is dead on...I could not have said it better. People thumbs down because they want so bad for her to be the killer...they think they know but yet have never read up on it on their own. Because if they did I think they would find them self to be thinking like Joe Finkle.

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    She claims she's innocent but the Italian judge found her guilty. I guess the world may never know.

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