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VETERANS: What do you think of PFC Bradley Manning?

As a United States Army Infantryman, I find it disgusting that some people view this child as a hero.

YES, America has done some pretty messed up things in the War on Terror, but not nearly as messed up as what the Taliban and al Quaida have done and continue to do. This, in my opinion, does NOT justify leaking documents that could potentially cause major destabilization in the area and bring an unnecessary amount of death. Example being his leak of documents containing the names of those who sympathize with the US. Now that these have been made public, the Taliban WILL go after these people, rest assured. To me, calling PFC Manning a hero would be like calling bin Laden a hero.

Whether you like it or not, his release of classified material has caused even more needless death. Yes, I believe we have a right to information. However, if said information will cause a loss of life, it should remain classified.

The fact that some people are saying that this kid deserves a medal is extremely sickening to me. He should either be shot for sympathizing with the enemy, imprisoned for life, or deported. I personally like the 3rd option as I don't want a traitor living here.

Well that's my opinion on the subject: what's yours?

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    I personally believee that what he did was an act of treason, and being that this is war time, he should be hung. As a OIF veteran medic, I am deeply saddened that my brothers will have to work on their comrades because of the liberal bulllshit of one individual. As a former member of honor guard, I am deeply heart-broken for the families of those who will return with that beautiful flag draped across their container.

    "First, do no harm"

    Source(s): OIF vet, combat medic, firefighter
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    He should be tried in military court and if found guilty of alleged crimes , sentenced to the maximum punishment under the UCMJ . He can not be charged with treason as treason can only occur during times of a " declared " war.

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    hes a great big pussy if you ask me, you don't turn on your country or your brothers in arms. what kind of coward puts the guys on hes left and right at risk because he feels some wrongs have been done. this guy is disgraceful and should not get the sympathy of anyone. The US and Canadian governments are way to "happy go lucky" about criminals, if they break the law and risk a soldiers life than **** them, lock them up and throw away the key. Why did he join the army in the first place, did he think hes going to go over and nicely talk the taliban out of a fight, you join the army to kick ***, kill, and not pussy out. this guy is an *** who needs a good kick to the chin

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  • Anonymous
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    He should be court martialed for treason then sentenced to life in prison without parole at Ft.Leavenworth Military Disciplinary Facility or face the firing squad !!!

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    He is no hero. He is no whistleblower. He didn't even know what was in those files. Being a whistleblower requires that you see something and say, "Wait, this is wrong. People need to know about this." That didn't happen. He was upset the military didn't recognize his "brilliance" and give him the responsibilities he thought he was entitled to. He got back at them the only way he knew how, which was to dump that data. It was not a noble act at all. Manning is a spiteful child who threw a tantrum.

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    He should be shot for aiding the enemy. hundreds of Afghan informants are now dead because of his actions.

    Welcome home RAK

  • If reports are accurate, he's guilty of treason, but then so is most of the Democrat Congressional Caucus.

  • 9 years ago

    He should be tried for treason.

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