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about how many livestock animals are slaughtered for food every year?

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    1 decade ago
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    The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation statistics bureau has an online calculator where you can work out this and specific data for individual countries, regions etc:

    Oh but it won't tell you something like "About the same amount killed while planting, harvesting, and shipping produce that vegans eat" since it is scientific and not just something someone made up because they are incapable of producing a valid argument.

    (Rounded to nearest 1000)

    Bird meat, nes-56923000

    Chicken meat-51563488000

    Duck meat=2637237000

    Goose and guinea fowl meat-624940000

    Meat of Other Rod-67500000

    Rabbit meat-1149410000

    Turkey meat -633425000

    Accurate to individual:

    Buffalo meat-23976633

    Camel meat-1718798

    Cattle meat-292952684

    Goat meat-397597849

    Horse meat-4946198

    Meat of Asses-2463490

    Meat of Mules-623600

    Meat Oth Camelids-585000

    Pig meat-1337205493

    Sheep meat-517692430

    Total for 2009- 59312685175

    Almost 60 billion...

    So these data do not include deaths from hunting or fisheries, but fishery info (both farmed and caught by industry)is given for 2008 totalling 142 287 124 individuals ( ). However this doesn't include bycatch, which also kills birds mammals and reptiles as well as non-target fish and invertebrate species. In 1994 FAO released a document which estimated that an average of 27 million tonnes of dead fishes per year were thrown back into the sea as bycatch ( ). "Potential marine mammal discard mortalities ranging from 65,000 to 86,000 animals annually." However technology has improved since then to allow mammals and reptiles to escape nets. It is possible the numbers are now lower.

    EDIT: and here's the paper which debunks Daisy's mythical numbers, which she either chooses to ignore or refuses to read: Lamey. Food Fight! Davis versus Regan on the Ethics of Eating Beef. JOURNAL of SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY, Vol. 38 No. 2, 2007, 331–348.

    Source(s): vegan biologist
  • 4 years ago

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  • exsft
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    1 decade ago

    Impossible to get an accurate figure because not all animals killed for food are reported for statistics. Individual countries, whether officially or unofficially, do not/cannot submit accurate data because record keeping and adherence to regulations are unreliable. To give you an example, on my farm, workers typically butcher their own chickens and pigs (raised in the backyard which are not part of any statistical data) without reporting it to the local food authority. Nor do they report weight/volume/number of fish and seafood caught (wild or "farmed"), not even what species of fish/seafood they caught. Some of them eat field mice and frogs even if these animals are not statistically recognized as "food animals". Etc.

    The UN calculated statistic is an inaccurate though "official" guesstimate at best.

    5.6 billion people eat meat on a more or less regular basis. Not very scientific to say but it does takes a whole "sh*tload" of animals to satisfy that hunger.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I recently saw these statistics for 2008 in the US - 8.56 BILLION land animals and 71 BILLION sea animals. I believe the figure for land animals has now passed 10 billion per year.

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    The above link goes in depth. In 2009, there were 9,078,303,900 chickens, turkeys, hogs, cattle, ducks, sheep, and goats slaughtered in the United States.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Billions. Check this page for details : FYI: this is just for the US. If you include China and other big producers and all the people on Earth who eat meat.. the number wouldn't be less than 20 billion.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    It'd be hard to pin down numbers internationally, i've heard that 25 billion are slaughtered annually & this doesn't include fish. Tbh i wouldn't be suprised if the number was greater. Either ways (ie lesser or more) it is still ridiculously incomprehendable

    Source(s): vegetarian
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    In the United States, the USDA estimates about 8.4 billion animals are killed for human consuption. About 8 billion of those are chickens. About 1.2 billion animals die in the fields during planting, cultivating and harvesting the grains and veggies that vegetarians depend on. So if you ate only beef, fewer animals would die from the meat eating diet than the veg*n diet!

    Excerpt from link:

    "Animals of the field are killed by several factors, including:

    1. Tractors and farm implements run over them.

    2. Plows and cultivators destroy underground burrows and kill animals.

    3. Removal of the crops (harvest) removes ground cover allowing animals on the surface to be killed by predators.

    4. Application of pesticides.

    So, every time the tractor goes through the field to plow, disc, cultivate, apply fertilizer and/or pesticide, harvest, etc., animals are killed. And, intensive agriculture such as corn and soybeans (products central to a vegan diet) kills far more animals of the field than would extensive agriculture like forage production, particularly if the forage was harvested by ruminant animals instead of machines. So perhaps fewer animals would be killed by producing beef, lamb, and dairy products for humans to eat instead of the vegan diet envisioned by Regan."

    And don't fall for the "accident" argument. It's no accident that mice, birds, bunny rabbits die in the fields. Farmers know they're there, you know they're there. If it were human babies out in the field, we'd never allow them to be killed like the animals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    About the same amount as animals killed while planting, harvesting, and shipping produce that vegans eat. Trillions of insects, and countless other animals are killed every year while farming produce.

    I'm an idiot for stating a fact (woofs n whiskers) The fact is that Even for a vegans diet animals die. A death for a diet is a death for a diet. Get off your high horse.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Too many :(

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