Truth Or Dare Ideas ?

I'm 12 and I'm hosting a campout with 2 girls (other than me) and 2 boys (my bf and his bro) for my birthday next month. Any good truths and dares for a game would be great ! :)


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    Truth or dare and other ideas..

    1) Truth or dares


    -Have you had your first kiss

    -Who was your first kiss

    -Who's your crush

    -Who's your most recent crush

    -Whats the most embarrassing texting moment. (someone sends a text to the wrong person, things get awkward, etc.)

    -You are 1 of the 2 last people on earth. Who in this room would you choose to be the second person. OR your stranded on an island who would you choose to be stranded with you, in the room.

    -Who is your celeb crush

    -Who do you think is the most attractive person in the room, you can't pick yourself.

    -Have you ever heard someone having sex, parents, strangers, etc. or walked in on someone having sex. (my friend did and lol...its a long story)

    -If you found a wallet with $1000 inside laying on the street would you return it? What if you knew it belonged to a very rich person?

    -Is there anything you really want to do but are afraid to try?

    -If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Why?

    -Can you name all 50 states in under two minutes? Give it a try!

    -What color underwear do you have on right now?

    -Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear?

    -If you had the power to cancel three TV-shows what shows would they be? Why?

    -If you were to spend the next three months on a deserted island, what five items would you bring along?(assuming you already have water, food, shelter, etc.)


    -you have to trade clothes with a person in the room

    -you have to trade an item of clothing with a person in the room, person daring gets to choose

    -What's a secret no one knows about you?

    -Girls, dare you to put ice in your bra (one cuber per cup) Boys, dare you to stick two ice cubes in your underwear.[ it has to stay in till it melts] (done this dare before.. HILARIOUS)

    -Say something dirty to the player on your right.

    -Drink a whole jar of pickle juice.

    -Passionately kiss a stuffed animal for 25 seconds.

    -Hop on one foot until the next person finishes their dare

    -get make up put on you by a random player of the opposite gender

    -Do a robot dance while making your best robot noises.

    -Do something the group all agrees on. If you refuse, you have to be blindfolded for your next 6 turns

    -Pepper your entire tongue and swallow. (this stings, but is funny)

    -Wear your clothing inside-out for one day and see how many people tell that your clothing is inside-out

    - call your teacher and ask them a question and tell them who you are.

    -For the rest of the day/night, you must change your name to something of the opposite gender. The group decides which name.

    -Drink a group decided amount of ketchup.

    -Act like a chicken for the next 7 minutes. dont forget to peck around.

    -Draw a mustache with a marker or pen on your face.

    -For the next five minutes you must imitate another player the group agrees on. Do EVERYTHING they do.

    2) Prank call

    3) Play telephone

    4) Play, Guess that food.

    Everyone goes into the kitchen. bring a blindfold. The player who's turn it is has to eat a food that everyone chooses blindfolded, not knowing what it is and guess.


    6) Spin the bottle

    7) Spin the bottle dare (who the bottle top goes2 gets the dare. who gets the end on the bottle gets to dare the person)

    Thats all i got for now!

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    Truth Or Dare Ideas ?

    I'm 12 and I'm hosting a campout with 2 girls (other than me) and 2 boys (my bf and his bro) for my birthday next month. Any good truths and dares for a game would be great ! :)


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    depends on how old you are... yeah streaking is good, its always funny to make people eat gross things, um making people prank call places can be funny, go into public and make your friends propose to strangers, ANYthing that involves strangers is really funny. If your old enough to drive, my friends and I always make up to teams, each team has a car and we make a list of things we need to accomplish and videotape the whole thing, and the first team done, wins. Things on the list usually consist of: Talk your way into a free drink at a gas station Kiss a stranger Get air off a jump Kiss someone in the car Flash a stranger You get the idea.. just come up with as much of those as you can! Have fun!!!

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    Drink coke through your nose.

    And here's an easy way to play 'truth or dare'.

    If an android device is available, try this application.

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    Spin The Bottle Questions

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