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How do you get quotes for oil and gold in Market Summary in Yahoo Finance?

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    To edit the "Market Summary" box on the Yahoo! Finance page, please go to:


    Note: You can only customize your display settings if you have a Yahoo! ID.

    1. Click "customize" in the left side of the page (just under the "Market Summary" section of the homepage) or go to:


    2. Click "Market Summary."

    3. You can enter up to 9 symbols on this page for the "market summary" display.

    4. If you want to return to the standard defaults, enter the following:

    Symbol Name ^DJI Dow ^IXIC Nasdaq ^SPC S&P 500 ^TV.N NYSE Volume ^TV.O Nasdaq Volume ^TYX 30-Year Bond

    You can also opt in or out of the Headline Market Summary on this page.

    5. Click "finished" to save your changes.

    If you would like to add any Commodities Futures like gold or silver, you can look up these symbols at our Futures page at:


    If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

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    ticker symbols:

    CLJ11.NYM for oil futures on the NYMEX

    GCH11.CMX for gold on the COMEX

    YGH11.CBT for the gold mini contract on the CBOT

    Source(s): own research, institutional investor advisor
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