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How many different Taegeuk il Jang froms are there?

So pretty much what are ALL the basic Taegeuk Il Jang forms for white belt?

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    Taegeuk Il Jang is one form, the first form of the Taegeuks. There are 8 total Taegeuk named forms and then a number of Black Belt forms. The TGs are generally taught in WTF TKD.

    Il means 1st in Korean, so the second TG form is Yi or second in Korean and so on, but there is only one TG Il Jang.

    TG Il Jang

    TG Yi Jang

    TG Sahm Jang

    TG Sah Jang

    TG Oh Jang

    TG Yuk jang

    TG Chil Jang

    TG Pal Jang

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    I found 8 as referenced on a web site about the art.

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