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is the university of idaho a good school?

im wondering if its a good school when it comes to:



hot/pretty girls


diversity wised.

just wondering what you guys think...

if possible grade each of the topics i mention from F to an A. or just explain.

just wondering since i got accepted there. and not sure if i should go there or attend another school.

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    I'm a student here, so I may be a bit biased, but I love UofI and the Vandal athletics.

    Academics: depending on the program. What are you majoring in and I will come back and edit my answer depending on your answer.

    Athletics: in terms of ability (for the major sports) a B but we are getting better. For the lesser known sports (Polo, Swimming) A+. We have a former Olympic coach as our swim coach. Excellence.

    Hot/pretty girls: As a girl, it is hard to say, but I think for the most part, it depends where you look.On average A-? The girls in the Wallace Dorm are fairly pretty and of course, the Sorority girls "have it all" (looks but no brains). But the best part is that the girls, for the most part, are all really nice. Even the dumb or super hot ones, they are still nice.

    Partying: B+. Parties at Lambda Chi are lame, parties at Fiji or Farmhouse rock. WSU (a university 8 miles from UI over in Pullman, WA) has excellent parties and UI students, if there are no decent parties on our campus, will go over and join in one of WSU's parties.

    Diversity wise- are you referring to acceptance or the actual population. Acceptance A+++. Population B-. For the most part, UI is predominantly white. But, 1/2 of the football team is black, most of the basketball players are as well. And then there is a fairly big Asian population (Korean, Chinese, Japanese-all of it) who are attending for the Engineering department. But I have yet to find a single bigot on our campus. It is great.

    Also, you can't forget about the actual town that UI is in. Moscow freakin rocks! It is a little slice of heaven. There are movies and coffee. Every Friday night there is live music down on Main Street at a coffee and pub house called Buccers. The athletics bring the whole community together because if you live in Moscow, you are automatically a Vandal. On Saturday mornings there is the Farmer's Market with normal farmer's market things but also live music, delicious Filipino BBQ, and a great place to hit on hot students. I picked up a guy at the farmer's market last year and we actually ended up dating for 3 months. It goes from 8-1. Don't show up until 10 or else all the students will still be asleep and it will be older community members. Main Street is the best.

    As far as things that are fun to do, movies, parties, bowling, coffee... those are the main things that you pay to go have fun to do. But it being a small town, making your own fun is the best. Playing "Bigger or Better" is a big game around here. Going for drives on back country roads, bonfires, taking a weekend to go camping...that sort of thing. It really was the best decision I made. You can personal message me if you would like more info.

    The only bad part (for me) is the snow. I am not a fan of the snow. But if you like cold and snow, definitely come. The mountains in northern Idaho, eastern WA, and western MT all have great deals for lift tickets for skiing for students.

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