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Im a loser 25 with no job?

What kind of job can I get? here is a "skeleton" of my resume"


US Citizen 25 years old

Physically Fit

Fluent in 4 languages


-Bachelors in Science in Geophysics with a mathematics minor and geography minor

-High School Diploma

-Did atmospheric research in Costa Rica's rain forests for a semester

Work Experience:

-Peace Corps in Morocco for 4 years, led some environmental engineering and urban development projects (20-24)

-Waiter for 1 year during college

-Ran a web design business (40,000 profit/yr) for 3 years


-Great public speaker

-Fluent in French, Arabic, English (native language), and Spanish

-Tech savvy, can code PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

-Can fix and build computers

-Well traveled and cultured (backpacked and lived in 40+ countries)

-Artistic, skilled with dry media and graphic design

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    Um, it now seems you're a liar. You're posting this in every group, but when you posted it yesterday, you were a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania.

    Now it's Morocco. And since Peace Corps service is only two years, not four (I served in Morocco, I know that PC there only grants four one-year extensions annually, so it's not likely you extended), you're not being too truthful about that.

    Not real sure what your motive is here, but I am realizing why you're having a hard time finding work.

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  • 9 years ago

    work at school like as a sub ...

    hmm work at a science kind of lab like research type

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  • 9 years ago

    Why are you posting on Yahoo answers. Do whatever you want.

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  • 9 years ago

    get out of yahoo answers with your weak *** life.....go out in this world and make use of yourself.....

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