I am first job seeking!?


I am looking to get my first job soonish.

But i have no experience what-so-ever.

I will work for minimal pay, what ever, but i need money to keep my horse.

I live in Belgrave south.

Does anyone know any place that is hiring?

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    There are many places that will hire new people and you can take look from the local news paper under or check with alal the internet resources. However, it may usually take awhile before you can get your first job since you have no experience.(If you have some experience on anything, just write it out in your resume, even one day on something is still experience). On the other hand seek help from relatives and friends and make sure that more conection you have , more opportunity you may have.Finally , since it is your first job, don't expect to high on your employment. (whether in position or in salary, overall , it is only your first job anyway).

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