Kate Spade vs Tom Ford?

I'm debating between sunglasses because my dermatologist said I needed to get some sunglasses since my skin around my eyes get light when I'm out in the sun. I visited a sample sale in my city that were selling some Kate Spade & Tom Ford sunglasses for 70%-85% off.

Kate Spade $60 (Original, $200,Rhonda):


Tom Ford $80 (Original, $500 Delphine):


I have an oval face so the shape really doesn't matter since most sunglasses fit my face well

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  • Siyah
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    9 years ago
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    Tom Ford , i have a pair and i swear everime i wear them i get compliment....they're huge

    the bigger the better though:)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Kate Spade FTW! Firstly, you'll save 20 bucks. Secondly, the Tom Ford ones look better for a guy.

    Source(s): Rose
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