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Water purification in developing village?

If there was a very village in the parts of India that had water that had water and sanitation issues, how would you purify the water to international water drinking standards?

Currently, the community water is supplied from three different bores, one of which has been identified as ‘saline’ by those living in the colony. Water from this bore is not used for human consumption but for other purposes such as washing, flushing and cleaning. The other two bores were used to supply a 30 000 litre storage tank and distributed through a network to be supplied to the villagers for various purposes, including drinking. At the moment one of those bores is no longer functioning leaving only one bore for supplying the storage tank. The bore servicing the tank is situated close to the village pond which is also used for bathing, washing and watering cattle, washing machinery and clothes etc. Households rely on using a common tap to attain suitable drinking water. Access to the village tap for drinking water is only available for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, thus water is collected in large vessels for daily use.

Recently, sanitation tests (data available on the EWB Challenge website) have been completed on the

water supplies from the three main taps. The analysis indicates that the greatest areas of concern for the water supply are salinity and bacterial contamination. Saltwater intrusion may increase the salinity of the water, making it unfit for drinking. In addition during monsoon periods polluted water from the pond and surrounding areas that is contaminated with human or animal waste could flow into the bore and pollute it having significant implications for human health.

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    Sounds like you need to drill the well deeper and make sure that the casing is sealed. Chlorination will take care of the bacteria. You may need to relocate the well to an area with suitable water or use surface water.

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    Saline intrusion is bad news, and is really a sign of overuse of groundwater. This means there is not enough water to support the population.

    Efforts should be made to move away from using what will become an increasingly more and more saline source of water, perhaps invest in water storage of seasonal gluts in any.

    Use of salinaised water on farm land will result in dead soil, and other problems.

    Use a quick fix to make water safe to drink


    and then start thinking about finding or creating another source.


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    The usual technique is use of a candle filter (ceramic) and boiling. For anyone who cannot afford this, a solar still can be constructed with a tub, receptacle, and plastic sheeting. Both routes are labor-intensive.

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