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Anonymous asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

How many professional boxers have died in the ring?

I am talking about people that have actually died in the ring and not after the fight in the hospital. If you dont know the exact number could you please give an example of a person who has and what the date was. thanks

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    So many...

    the boxing is dangerous


    Pedro Alcázar Panamanian 2002 WBO super flyweight Fernando Montiel

    Simon Byrne Ireland 1833 heavyweight James Burke

    Frankie Campbell American 1930 Heavyweight Max Baer

    Yo-Sam Choi Korean 2008 Light-flyweight Heri Amol

    Leavander Johnson American 2005 IBF lightweight Jesús Chávez

    Duk Koo Kim Korean 1982 lightweight Ray Mancini

    Alexander McKay Scottish 1830 heavyweight Simon Byrne

    Davey Moore American 1963 featherweight Sugar Ramos

    James Murray British 1995 bantamweight Drew Docherty

    Johnny Owen British 1980 bantamweight Lupe Pintor

    Kevin Payne American 2006 welterweight Ryan Maraldo

    Benny Paret Cuban 1962 welterweight Emile Griffith

    Tosh Powell British 1928 bantamweight Billy Housego

    Martín Sánchez Mexican 2005 super featherweight Rustam Nugaev

    Ed Sanders American 1954 heavyweight Willie James

    Angelito Sisnorio Filipino 2007 lightweight Chatchai Sasakul

    Robert Wangila



    * Pedro Alcázar

    * Daniel Aguillón


    * Sonny Banks

    * Carlos Barreto

    * Felix Bwalya

    * Simon Byrne

    * Bae Ki-Suk

    * Andy Bowen


    * Frankie Campbell

    * Randie Carver

    * Yo-Sam Choi


    * Cleveland Denny

    * Jimmy Doyle (boxer)


    * Benjamín Flores


    * Leavander Johnson


    * Duk Koo Kim


    * Alexander McKay (boxer)

    * Charlie Mohr

    * Davey Moore (boxer, born 1933)

    * James Murray (boxer)

    * Johnny Montantes


    * Marco Antonio Nazareth


    * Johnny Owen


    * Greg Page (boxer)

    * Benny Paret

    * Kevin Payne (boxer)

    P cont.

    * Henri Piet

    * Tosh Powell


    * Brad Rone

    * Lavern Roach

    * Francisco Rodriguez (boxer, born 1984)


    * Martín Sánchez

    * Ed Sanders (boxer)

    * Ernie Schaaf

    * Lito Sisnorio


    * Luis Villalta


    * Robert Wangila

    * Sonny Boy West


    * Becky Zerlentes


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  • 9 years ago

    Off hand, I can't recall any fighter being carried out of the ring dead. You might have to go back to the days of bare knuckled fighting to find examples of this happening.

    The fatalities I can recall, Bennie Kid Paret, Davey Moore, Deuk Koo Kim, all died several days after they were carried out of the ring.

    You might want to check out this website and do some research:

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  • 9 years ago

    Do you me pro Fights on in general PrO ITS ZERO other places its about 2

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