Searching for mothers sister from Japan?

My mother and her sister were adopted to seperate families from their orphanage called: "Our Lady of Lourdes" in Yokohama, Japan in 1955. My mother is terminally ill with only months to live, and I am desperately searching for her biological sister for her as its my mothers dying wish. Please someone, anyone, please help me with this. If you may know I can go about finding her sister, all I know is her sisters american name (maiden) which is Nancy Mary Moore, and they flew into either South or North Dakota on a Northwest airlines plane. Her sister was met there by her adoptive parents, then my mother flew to Chicago O'Hare airport where my mother met her adoptive parents. They corosponded through the mail for about a year, then just lost contact. If you may know Nancy Moore, she would be in her early 60's now, for my mother is 64, and sister was a younger sibling. They both are 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 American, and I do know they had a couple brothers also that I think were adopted out into Europe. If you have ANY information on this, or can guide me on how to find her, PLEASE, respond to this question a.s.a.p, for time is of the essence. I only have a few months to find my mothers sister. Thank You..

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