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how can i help my husband file for his green card?

My husband and i have been married for 3 years and have a 5 year old together we also own our home he entered the country when he was 13 and he came illegally. He has permission to work in the united states what we have to renew every 2 years but i would like to help him become permanent citizen i was born in Colorado as well as my son so be are both US citizens any advise on how i would do this and what may happen if i do try to obtain full residency. Thanks

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    If he is an illegal alien with permission to work, he must have Temporary Protected Status (TPS). If he has TPS, there is NO way he is ever going to get a green card, even through marriage.

    He must return to his own country. He can apply for your immigration to his country of citizenship. His child has a birthright to citizenship in its father's country of citizenship, so he should get a passport for his child and the child has no immigration or visa hassles. After your family has lived back in his country for awhile, then maybe you can apply for a spousal visa for him. But TPS is temporary, and no adjustment of status is possible.

    He has no choice but to return to his country. If you go with him and maintain a real, valid marriage, then you might later have a chance to apply for his immigration.

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    There are not the different concepts. the purpose of the petition for a green card grew to become into so as that she ought to stay which includes her husband interior the U. S.. No marriage, no valid reason to get a green card interior the eyes of USCIS. i might wager a month's sales that your those days married chum has acquaintances and family individuals back domicile. each and each IMMIGRANT i understand from dozens of international places on 3 continents has acquaintances and family individuals back interior the domicile us of a, which contain naturalized human beings who've been right here for some years. I understand why your chum desires to stay right here for a greater suited existence, yet she has no legal concepts. If she remains right here and tries to get a green card by a next marriage, her previous marriage will make her utility look suspect. Time to bypass domicile.

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    If he entered illegally how does he have permission to work?

    Until you get the facts straightened out it's difficult to know what your options may be. If you are married you can file for him but the consequences are difficult to predict because they depend on his/your current circumstances.

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    You need to petition him for a Spusal Visa aka green card.

    Go to for the full shopping list.

    I recommend using an immigration lawyer , but it's not a "have to".

    Source(s): Petitioned for my wifes green card.
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    Ibi Guru said it perfectly. TPS does not allow for AOS to resident.

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    So he has TPS, I see.

    You can't adjust to any other status off of that because in the definition, it says "temporary"

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