Is Pasadena Community College better than Mount SAC.?

Im deciding to go to Pasadena or Mount. SAC...? If you know either about these schools can you tell me which one is better?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Overall, if I had to pick one, I'd say PCC, maybe slightly, it's my favorite community college. But I've heard very good things about Mt SAC. I wouldn't say that one is really better than the other. (If you're looking to transfer to a 4 year college, all the local CC's actually have similar stats for students that attend with the intent of transferring, it's really up to the student.)

    The most important thing is to set yourself up to succeed, and the first step to that is showing up. Which CC is easier for you to get to? If you're going to live with your parents, which is closer? If you're going to move by the CC, near which can you find an apartment you can afford, job, etc? (I would guess near PCC would be more expensive.) Some days you're not going to want to get out of bed and go to college, but if it's closer, that might be enough to get you up. (Many colleges almost insist that freshmen live in campus housing, this is one reason why.) If you know where you will be living, look up on Google Maps the driving time between home and the CC's. Look at the "in traffic" commute time, because much of the time -- there is traffic.

    I don't know how Mt SAC is for freshmen class registration -- how difficult to get the classes you want/need. Ask around to see if you can find out. Recently it's been tough at PCC, one has to be very flexible with class choices and schedules, have lots of options for classes you're willing to take, and consider that there might be the need to attend summer school or take longer than 2 years to complete transfer or other requirements. I know other CC's around the LA area are in the same situation, not sure about Mt SAC. It's due to the CA economic situation, which has caused less classes or class cancellations, more adults returning to learn a new job skill after being laid off, and more students choosing to attend CCs, so more competition for classes. Priority for class registration is mostly based on completed units at that college, so after freshman year, it usually gets easier.

    However, if you visit both CC's and one has a perfect vibe for you, and you can't stand the other one, even after visiting several times, then you might want to go to the school that seems the best fit. Also, if one CC offers a program that you want to take, that the other one doesn't, then you would choose the CC with the program you want.

    Good luck!

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