What would you do with a 10 day vacation in July starting in Albuquerque?

We recently sold our business and started working "real" jobs. We have a 10 day vacation in the beginning of July. We recently moved to Albuquerque NM, so we don't know the area. We thought about RVing (rental) to Yellowstone, but it is going to be too expensive ($5000 with gas and rental). What would you do? Budget $2500. Want to RV due to multiple pets and family of 4, but are open to options. We really want to just be able relax and enjoy the family. Family includes an 11 year old; a 65 year old; one dog and 3 bearded dragons. Checked and boarding rates for the animals is approx $650 for all animals. Would prefer to have at least the dog with us. Normally when we have done things the last 5 years I rent a house so we can save money on eating out. WOULD LOVE INPUT. Sorry this is so long. Look forward to your wonderful ideas! THX

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    10 days I would check out whatever attractions Albuquerque has,

    then head to Santa Fe

    Chaco Culture National Historic Site


    Mesa Verde National Park


    and some of the national parks of southern Utah and Northern Arizona : Including Grand canyon, Petrified Forest, Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands and Zion

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    Start in Santa Fe, enjoy the shops and the wonderful Southwestern food. Go to Taos and explore and explore the native ruins all over New Mexico. There is a great deal to do there. I love that place.

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