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Wiggy asked in SportsBaseball · 9 years ago

True or False .... Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player to ever grace God's green earth?

Please support your opinion.


Those who are saying no because of steroids, you must remember that Bonds faced MANY pitchers who were also juiced up. The guys Ruth faced were nothing compared to pitchers Bonds faced. I mean, Ruth didn't even have to wear a helmet!! Same goes for Aaron. No way he was facing dudes day in and day out pumping 90 mph plus.

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  • 9 years ago
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    True!! Barry bonds is the best player to ever play baseball.. steroids or not. Steroids dont give you the ability to just hit homeruns.. i could take steroids and go out and prolly never make contact.. it still takes a great degree of difficulty to hit a homerun. The numbers he has put up throughout his career are insane and will maybe never be matched. I can honestly say that Barry Bonds in my opinion is the best baseball player to ever play the sport.. it didnt matter if you liked him or not it was always "cool" to see him hit a homerun.. i hated him when i was younger but watching him hit two homeruns in one game live was an honor.

  • Carole
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    4 years ago

    Buy Wiggy- You know my feelings on this. Barry Bonds is (In my opinion) the greatest baseball player to ever play the game. Just like Roger Clemens is easily one of the 3 best pitchers to ever play. Steroids? Fine, whatever. All I can do is look at the body of work and judge them based on that. And looking at his on field numbers, accomplishments, awards, etc, And what I remember seeing from him...Bonds is the best ever. I refuse to completely act like these guy didn't play professional baseball at the absolute highest level for well over a decade. Just look at the numbers. EDIT: And you left off the fact that he had 500 STEALS!! 500 Steals. And he really should have had 3,000 hits if anybody would have given him a chance at the end. And I have no problem with people that say Ruth or Aaron is the best ever. I'm fine with those debates and I have no problem with someone who thinks Ruth or Aaron is #1. I just have problems with people that act like Bonds isn't even in the argument.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    False, For 2 reasons:

    1. The Earth is 70% water, which is blue.

    2. He cheated. He used steroids. Yes, steroids don't make you better at sports, but they make you stronger, which makes it easier to his 763 home runs. Not that he wouldn't have been a great player without roids, but he prob wouldn't have hit as many home runs as he did. Their have been better players like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Both hit 700+ home runs and didn't use roids. And in Ruth's day, the fences were waaaay deeper than they are now. I could hit a home run in some fields today.

  • 9 years ago

    Barry Bonds is a great player ... the greatest? ... possibly ... but to me being the greatest player embodies more than hitting the most home runs or striking out the most batters.

    It also includes being personable and truthful in what you do and how you do it.

    Regardless of the steroid issue Barry Lamar Bonds cheated on his wives with other women. You may say that has nothing to do with playing the game of baseball and I agree with you.

    It has nothing to do with the game of baseball ...

    ... but has everything to do with being a decent human being and that is inclusive in being called the greatest man to ever play the sport of baseball.

    A great ball player practices what he preaches ... earns the respect of his peers as well as his fans and keeps his heart reasonably pure for those who follow in his footsteps. I did say reasonably ...

    There are no perfect men but for my money I prefer Willie Mays over his god son any day of the year.

    Source(s): Baseball is an integral part of what makes our country great since it shows how a group of men who more than likely have little in common can and do come together on a diamond to beat the odds of winning against another group of similar men. It's a shame those who practice politics aren't able to use those who play baseball as examples of learning to work together with others to resolve their differences.
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  • 9 years ago

    False. 1) Obvious: he's a cheater. 2) I hold players like Babe Ruth much higher than Bonds; for example, I recently read that if Ruth had been playing with our rules and the number of games we play today, he could have hit 104 home runs in 1921, and that's without the cheating

  • 9 years ago

    False. I understand he used illegal drugs. Also how do modern day pitchers compare now. It used to be that pitchers went the whole game and pitched every two or three days. Now they don't and so I wonder how much of a battle in was for Mr. Bonds.

  • 9 years ago

    No sir. You're mistaken for Albert Pujols. As long as Albert retires with no prosecutions of taking steroids and is proven he didn't he is unanimously the best 1B and possibly best hitter to EVER play the game

    Source(s): numbers don't lie
  • 9 years ago

    False. He most likely did steroids. I would say it's either Willie Mays or Babe Ruth

  • 9 years ago

    false...and its not because of steroids... the long ball is cool, but it doesnt mean hes the greatest ever.. I would say ichiro suzuki is the best ever all around player.. just plays on a lousy team in a lousy market..

  • 9 years ago

    Nah. Bonds couldn't pitch. Ruth could, and quite well.

    Bonds was an amazing hitter, though, and strike zone discipline doesn't come from a bottle.


    Note that the haters REALLY hate that strike zone discipline does not come from a bottle, because they cannot refute it.

    In other news, Bonds does not steal candy from babies, kick puppies, drown kittens, or foreclose on orphanages, throwing the little waifs out onto the cold streets. The haters WANT that he does these things, but he does not. They hate that. At least they're consistent.

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