When to add shrimp and frozen okra in gumbo?

I'm making gumbo for the first time to have for dinner on Fat Tuesday. I want to make it tonight so all the flavors can meld overnight in the fridge. I know the shrimp should be the last thing I add close to when it's finish cooking but should I add the shrimp when I make it tonight or wait until I reheat the gumbo tomorrow before dinner.

Same thing for the frozen okra (I'm using this because I don't have file). Thanks in advance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wait until you reheat the gumbo tomorrow if you are doing it on the stove, if using the microwave throw in the shrimp just when you turn off the stove tonight so they will partially cook. The okra I would throw in about 15 to 30 min before turning off stove. I cook gumbo a lot, if you have any questions about preparing it please feel free to email me!

    Source(s): I live in the south and cook gumbo every couple of months
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