Why do people get mad when someone states their opinion?

All I do I state my opinion on African Americans and others bleaching there skin and people want to delete my questions... Look at vybz Kartel he bleaches his skin and he is jamaican. Sammy sosa he bleached his skin he is dominican. Stop being scared of the truth Its just that african american women do it the most


Im sorry but the mentality of my people is not sickning and Vybz Kartel doesn't speak for the people of jamaica. The people of jamaica of african descent are proud of where they hail from. My uncle always told not to be consumed into this white washed world. Im proud of my heritage and I am proud of being of african descent. "be proud of your heritage, be proud of where you come from, black pride" - Munga

Update 2:

Also it was a jamaican who made many people of the African diaspora see the beauty of being descended from these great people. Him being Marcus garvey

Update 3:

Also the flags of jamaica and St Kitts are pan african meaning they cherish there African heritage...yet they were slaves just like everyone else

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    10 years ago
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    Because most of the time you never type "some" black people and some people think you're referring to all black women. This is the first you even mention black guys that do it too. Anyone ever hardly does that on here and just target at black women only as if they're the only problem in the world. Hispanic, Indians, Asians, and such others bleach their skin too but it's only some, not all of them. Just the cause of slavery, brainwashing people and what the media/Hollywood tells them what is considered beautiful. And there's even some ignorant black people, especially some who are dark skinned or darker themselves tease another black individual as being "too dark, are burnt, can't see them to date" etc and that they prefer "red-bones/ or like light skin better".

    I wasn't trying to argue with you on your before post but let me explain, I meant to say African-Americans have this issue more and keep attacking each other about it instead of just talking it out and putting it to rest. There's a few Jamaicans, Carribean blacks, and other non-American blacks may do it too but they don't bash each other about it and at least where they are, all shades of black women are appreciated, including very dark skinned women like this (I'm talking Alek Wek's skin tone) and put a lot of them on their music videos as their ideal girl and on movies (example: Nollywood African for hollywood) as their love interest. It's rare to find that happening in the American hip-hop/rap videos or their black movies but instead always a light skin bi-racial or light skin black woman with straight hair along with light skin Latinas "to look more white and seen as pretty" in black hollywood's eyes.

    Source(s): Especially when it goes for black marriage (a lot of African-Americans love to deny this but it's true). It's likely to see two very dark skinned black people loving each other/married in Africa, in the Carribean, and some in the UK. How many or even any black American celebrities have we ever seen with 2 very dark skinned partners married?
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    10 years ago

    to much negativity regarding the beauty of black people

    someone needs to step up(preferably a black man) and be a leader and influence positive vibes as far as beauty and brains to the black community, because society will fail to do that. Many people are ignorant because they allow racist white society to dictate to how they believe. Therefore hating themselves and thinking low of themselves

    This is why BLACK children should NOT be raised without a mother AND a father who REALLY love them and are educated, therefore the child will not be brainwashed by white society, unless the parents neglect those children

    Education = black pride

    when you are educated about your own race, you build a philosophy around the black race in general, and you better understand why things are the way they are now, based off of past events(history)


    I focus more on black children, because white children CAN be raised on society, because society favors them. Therefore even if their parents are horrible, they still turn out feeling positive about themselves and loving themselves.

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    4 years ago

    It sounds like perchance you would be tormented by an techniques-set,lol... purely take time to think of previously you answer. Is what's approximately to return out of your mouth a reaction which you will prefer to pay attention from somebody else? additionally, you may desire to be asserting some thing that unquestionably is sensible, yet in keeping with risk say it w/ the incorrect tone. Now i'm one that is prepared on no longer beating around the bush or sugar-coating issues. i'm brutally user-friendly,, yet very variety hearted . besides the fact that if, my hubby is a kiss-up and has much extra buddies. human beings purely like the business corporation and methods-set of folk who seem variety and mushy i assume. My suggestion is to easily tone it down somewhat and cling to the guideline to handle others as you prefer to be taken care of.

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    people who bleach their skin is a result of a colonial mentality from being oppressed.

    for blacks in america its a result of being enslaved, having their culture and history removed from them, then when finally given freedom they were forced into the bottom of society without equal rights, constantly being told they were inferior. thats what resulted in those brown paper bag tests and conk hairstyles, from constantly telling them its better to be white.

    the reason blacks in america now have some pride and knowledge of their history is thanks to great people like malcolm x and marcus garvey.

    and the comment about asians dying skin too is from a colonial mentality too as a result of european powers invading and colonising their lands, an example is the philippines.


    point i was also making includes these people taking on the western standard of beauty, different cultures and people had their own standard of what was considered beautiful and some still do

    Source(s): i cant rate comments yet, but thumbs up for lovely buns :)
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  • 10 years ago

    Black people need to stop bleaching their skins, I think they're beautiful the way they are and they get mad because the truth hurts no one wants to be told that they look like a plank... African women are throwing themselves down the drain. If they feel that they can look good by bleaching their skin they are sadly mistaken, Races like Ethiopians, eritreans, somalians and Djboutis.. they have got to be the only races in Africa that don't do that sillyness....

    Source(s): i go to a school with them...
  • 10 years ago

    African-American women don't do it the most. Bleaching is more common in the Carribean.

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    10 years ago

    I dont know any black person that bleaches their skin. Im sure some do, I just dont personally know any. And I think Asian women bleach more than black women. Extremely pale skin with dark hair is preference in Asia.

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    10 years ago

    opinions are like *******, everybody's got one, and everybody thinks everybody else's stinks

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    10 years ago

    Ahhh...white girls go to tanning's just cosmetic. Both races are trying to achieve that perfect brown color which is considered most attractive amongst all races...

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