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Top 10 best pound for pound mma fighters?

Hey all here's my list for what it's worth.

Looking for feedback and your lists

1. Kimbo Slice (dont care what anyone says if you've seen him KO tank abbot you'll know wat i mean)

2. Brock Lesner

3. Anderson Silva

4. Kurt Angle (know he's tecnically not mma but apparently he's an absolute beast)

5. GSP

6 Matt Serra

7.Shogun Rua.

8. Frank Mir.

9 Tank abbot

10. Butter bean.


I'm changing it a little. I'm putting butter bean ahead of Tank abbot and Kurt angle ahead of Silva. In my book Silva's never fought a proper wrestler. Angle would man handle him before locking in the ankle lock and getting a sub in the 2nd round. As for the haters of kimbo he'd dominate the heavy weight division thats why dana wont sign him he know's how deadly kimbo's hands are once he lets them loose, he doesn;t want his fighters going to hospital. Dont playaa hate just giving my opinion:)

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    idk how you consider kimbo slice better than any of the other fighters. you forgot Velasquez, if your topic is a bout "pound for pound fighters" hello velasquez weighing about 60 lbs less than Lesner embarrassed him and beat him at his own game. as for randy Couture is my favorite.

    (ive been in mma for two years now and i think i might know a thing or two about fighting

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    KIMBO SLICE???? That dude is no longer fighting MMA since he had no ground game and would get owned by out of shape boxing slugs James Toney and Chris Arreola.

    MMA scrub Seth Petrocelli KO'ed Kimbo Slice on a Strikeforce show. NUFF SAID.

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    those deff. arnt my top 10...to me the top 10 are anderson silva, gsp, bj penn, chuck liddel, tyson griffon, forresst griffon, deago sanches, micro cro cop, andre alvoski, gray maynord

  • Wrong section, this is for boxing only, not mixed martial arts.

    Please take it to the martial arts section. Not trying to be rude, just trying to inform you of the proper section. Thank you.

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  • Mark
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    10 years ago

    Who cares. Mma is garbage.

  • 10 years ago

    LOL i love your confidence, you have like 5 guys who dont even fight in MMA. keep it up HAHA

  • John-0
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    10 years ago

    wrong section dude

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