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DVeek asked in SportsMartial Arts · 10 years ago

What can creatine do for a mixed martial artist?

Also I'm 15, I work out regularly are there any dangers in taking it?

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    is one of the most highly researched and widely used supplementson the market today and is integral to worldclass performace in many sports.

    What it does for a mixed martial artist-

    It doesn't by itself give you muscle of any type etc, it just lets you exercise for longer periods at higher intesity than you could otherwise, it effectively lets you do teh extra training for the extra results.

    Side effects-

    The major side affect is that if you get dehydrated while using creatine it can mess up your body quite badly.

    For someone your age I am afraid to say that, as someone else touched on, you should steer clear of supplements and focus on eating the correct foods as you're main addition to exercise, the reason being that ANY chemicals during this time period can negatively affect your development, you could effectively get to a point where you need creatine just to train normally, rather than to provide a boost, because you use it while your body is still developing it will never bother making it's own. This is an even bigger problem with something like creatine which requires steady, controlled doses over prolonged periods of time.

    At 15 the best thing you can do is exercise then sleep and eat well because then your body will set itself up to be able to do so without the added chemicals (make it for itself because you are telling it it has to).

    Final word-

    To be honest people should stear clear of most supplements other than pure protein until mid twenties, but few take that advice. But I do advise you strongly to stay off it until at least 18/19.

    (the protein is because it is a building block rather than an extra boost to something your body can make for itself)


    it does have a lot to do with water, which is mentioned bellow, but it is not weight so much as the density within the uscles, which will increase the look of tone/firmness, the actual benefit of this is the access to energy stored in a readily available location and form. It is the involvement of water that makes it so dangerous to be dehydrated when using it as it is then in the body without its partner with no place to go....so it recks up the place.

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    10 years ago

    Creatine supplementation isn't recommended for people under 18. There has been very limited research into the effectiveness and long term effects of creatine supplementation for people under 18. You are still young, so your focus should be on working on technique and building up your skills. Eating healthy is infinitely more important than supplementation - concentrate on good eating habits, and worry about creatine in a few years.

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    10 years ago

    Creatine only helps u gain water weight.

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  • 10 years ago

    the human body naturally produces creatine which is used as strength/energy.

    when you take creatine it produces more strength/energy/muscle growth.

    as long as you take it as recommended you should be ok, but if you

    notice negative side effects (not likely) stop taking it.

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    it could effect you more cause your still growing and could affect your muscles different then someone fully grown

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