I am 11.Where can i find a math tutor online?

I want to improve my grades and i want to have an online tutor to help me any suggestions?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am a middle school math teacher and I encourage online tutoring for my students (honors and regular). Online is convenient, less stressful for your parents, and allows for you to feel more confident and less embarrassed to ask for help. My students enjoy the online tutoring because they can log in, receive tutoring, and then continue on with their nightly schedule. It's also convenient because they can work around sports schedules. The company I recommend is Math Tutoring Kings - all of their tutors are licensed teachers who know what they are teaching. You can visit them at www.mathtutoringkings.com . They are reasonably priced as well. SOme tutoring expenses can get outrageous. Just do your research. If you are looking for a person to person do not hire just anyone; make sure they know your curriculum, pacing, and expectations of your teacher.

    Source(s): www.mathtutoringkings.com Licensed Teacher (middle math & hs)
  • 10 years ago

    You'll need to involve your parents. Most reputable tutoring sites won't allow an 11 year old to sign up on his own. However, in your case, you'd do better with a person than a computer. They can check your work and see where you're making your mistakes. There may be homework clubs at your school, or your parents might be able to find a high school or college student who needs the money and won't charge much. In our area there is free after school tutoring at the Boys and Girls club.

  • Please do not do it On Line. Tell your parents to hire you a Tutor, he or she

    could come to your home for an hour, and help you.

    College students are always in need of a part time job, tell your

    parents to go to the Registrar of the near by college and ask for a

    tutor available in the subject you need help.

  • 10 years ago

    why don't you try


    its free and it has everything you would ever ask for. Good luck :)

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