My couch cushions need to be cleaned can i wash them in the washer?

My couch cushions are a suede like material and they unzip off of the cushion so they can be removed. I was wondering if i could just wash them in the washer and then put them in the drier or hang dry? And should i use fabric softener or no? They are so dirty and beyond the point of spot cleaning....due to the chaos of having kids :) Please help! And what is the best way to freshen up the cushion itself, not the outside but the inside considering i cannot throw the filling in the washer?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have done this a few times with my past couches. You have to use cold water and make sure you zip them up so the inside doesnt get torn. soak them in oxyclean for about 20 minutes first. Then was on gentle. Afterwards hang them on the line to dry.. not the dryer as they will shrink and no longer fit.

    After you put them on again, spray them Scotchgard for upholstery and let dry one hour then spray again. Keeps them clean longer.

    I also put a clean neutral sheet on them some days if the kids are going to be on them.

    Now I only buy leather...

    Hope this helps

  • 9 years ago

    you an wash couch cushions. fluff air dry in dryer so the wrinkle come out. fabric softener weakens fabric i wouldnt use that especially if visitors have allergies use scotch guard if u want too to prevent spills from absorbing if no one has allergies tho.

    for the cushions well they have steam cleaners with attachments use that then put outside to dry dont over wet them tho.. or just air outside and beat them a lil bit but dust hair skin sheddings all get inside the cushions so i would opt to steam them

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    9 years ago

    I think you should be able to take out the cushions, unzip the covering and then put the covering of the cushion in the washer. Dry and then recover the cushion.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What does the care information say for the sofa?

    Remember that colors do change in the washing machine, so parts you can't launder won't match parts you can.

    Safest is probably to have it professionally cleaned.

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  • cheezy
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    9 years ago

    rent a rug shampooer with the upholstery attatchment & clean them with that. do the whole couch so there won't be a difference of color.

  • 9 years ago

    To keep the shape - you should dry clean them - washing makes them look drab

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