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Where can i buy gopro camera in thailand?

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i need it coz my girlfriend is there looking for it.
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  • Titan answered 4 years ago
Nikon digital made in Thailand. The agent is Nik the shop is on Silom road near Narai hotel. But you can buy ait from any camera shop including Big Camera, and camera section in Power buy from any Central department stores. Big camera would be carrying most of the up to date cameras where by NIK will only have Nikon and some other brands that they are agent for, but Nik will have the most selection of the Nikon and their lens and accessories. Big will give you some times up to five per cent discount plus vat refund. Good luck.


Me semi pro with D300.
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  • Carine answered 4 months ago
    Where can i buy gopro camera in thailand?

    The best place to buy GoPro Hero Cameras online is at Amazon.com

    Capture and share your life's most meaningful experiences with the GoPro Hero and its massive range of accessories


    The Gopro is simply the best action camera on the market today and its highly recommended of course.

    GoPro cameras are an excellent choice for the amateur photographer. They are highly affordable, and because they offer excellent photo and video capabilities, they achieve great results from an amateur camera.

    On of the major draws of the GoPro is its helmet-mounted filming capabilities, which allow action-oriented people to give others a first-hand look at the world through their eyes.

    There are three available GoPro models and a range of accessories that go with them. If you want to take professional grade photos and videos at an amateur's price, the GoPro camera will be perfect for you.


    The different GoPro models currently on the market are the Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3 and Hero 4. Each of the models is further separated into different versions of that model based on color.

    With Amazon.com you know that the prices for electronics will always be low but also many items they sell will qualify for free shipping and if you are already a prime member that can be in just 2 days.


    Buy GoPro Hero Cameras Online
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Have you tried Panthip Plaza , Bangkok ?
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  • where can i buy gopro camera in thailand?
    i need it coz my girlfriend is there looking for it.
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