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作者簡介 九把刀自1999年開始創作 至今攻下50多本書 作品陸續改編為電視劇、電影、線上遊戲是當今華人文壇創作幅度最大的作家是最幸運的人,也是最努力的人名言「許願太浪費額度了,我都直接去做。」。我今天要分享的是"上課不要看小說"內容大綱為某天老師瞪大眼睛說「王大明!」。「是!」我舉高手。「……你爸爸被溶解了!」老師怒道:「王大明的爸爸被溶解了,有什麼好笑!」決定要找到他老爸是怎麼不見或是掛的,所以思索著各種方法,某天做家九把刀發出一篇要找助理並且會出錢讓人去國外幫他蒐集靈感,王大明決定去找九把刀應徵助理,拿他的銭去尋找老爸,一個白爛且不合邏輯的搞笑故事就此展開。這是本能讓你放鬆去看的小說..真的很值得推薦!

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    About the author Giddens (九把刀): Giddens started to write books since

    1999. Presently, he has written more than 50 books and his works are

    continuously adapted and reorganized into television shows, movies and

    online games.

    Today he is the most sharpest and productive writer in Chinese Literature

    (boundary). He is the luckiest writer and also the most laborious (hardworking)

    one. His famous quote, "To wish is a waste of specified amount, I just do it."

    Today I want to present (his book) Don't Read Novels on Class Time. The

    main summary is when the teacher opened his/her eyes widely and said, "Wang Da-Ming!" "Yes!" I raised up my hand, ".....Your father has dissolved!"

    The teacher scolded, "Wang Da-Ming, What's so funny about your father has


    (Wang Da-Ming) He made up his mind to figure out how his father has

    disappeared or probably died. So to ruminate for every ways and methods,

    one day the writer Giddens posted out an essay to search for an assistant,

    who can pay him money to travel to other countries to get his inspiration.

    Wang Da-Ming determined to work for Giddens as his assitant and take

    his money to search for his father. This humorous story starts from these nonsensical and illogical ideas. This is a novel that can let you relax and read, I fully recommend !!

    一般書名是有underline, 而知識+不能劃線,所以我改用粗體字。

    以上,我也喜歡九把刀喔 =d,



    Source(s): 手工翻譯,七年外國留學經驗
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