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michael d asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

cheapest flight to cyprus?

one way from birmingham to paphos in cyprus

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, to be honest, since Eurocypria went bust, and as Cyprus Airways pulled out of Birmingham ( and also appear to be teetering on the edge) there is not much choice when it comes to flying to Paphos. Up until about 18 months ago, we found it cheaper to fly from Luton, but since Monarch introduced scheduled flights from Birmingham , they seem to be he most competitive. We have been keeping an eye on the prices of flights, and we found one that suited us, but have waited before we acually booked. Originally he price started at £120.00, and over the space of a few weeks dropped to £91, so we booked that last week. Check on the Monarch Airways website and book directly with them which works out cheaper anyway. Of course, you have to remember that taxes and charges are still to be added to this price ( £15.99 for 20k luggage, but you can take up to 10k free in hand luggage) but they are still cheaper than Thomsons and Thomas Cook. I don't think any other airlines are flying to Paphos from Birmingham, I'm pretty sure Ryanair doesn't fly here, and althlough there were plans for Easyjet to start flights from Birmingham to Cyprus, they haven't started yet.

    You don't say what date you are flying, but I have just looked on;, and there is a Thomson flight flying out on 30th April and the price is currently £95.56, and this includes 20k luggage free of charge!

  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks to the new motorway between Larnaca and Paphos, you can fly into either airport in Cyprus to make the most of the cheapest fares. The new terminal at Larnaca really is a joy; last time I travelled, my baggage arrived in the baggage hall before I did, and I was through passport control and outside collecting my hire car under 20 minutes - try that at Gatwick!

    Yes, Paphos airport is close to Paphos (naturally) but the motorway journey from Larnaca is easy if you drive or have a friend who can collect you from the airport.

    Source(s): details of airlines which fly from the UK to Cyprus plus links to where to buy cheap flights: Cyprus car hire:
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Cyprus isn't as affordable as another places to fly to regrettably. I too prefer flights to get human beings there in April 2007. somebody had pronounced that the schedules does not be available yet and it is the case for most of the low fee companies besides the fact that if it extremely is often extremely worth finding out the chartered airways which contain ThomsonFly, Thomas cook dinner and usually used decision as they'll oftentimes have their flights on sale on the 2nd. with out Airports and ideal dates it extremely is confusing to grant an actual concept of value, besides the fact that if as an occasion to fly from LGW to Paphos in September ThomsonFly have a return flight for variety of £240 inc taxes. you additionally can evaluate extremely booking a equipment as you may discover this extra decrease priced than attempting to get your flights and lodging one after the other.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try going to

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