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I smoked couple of cigarette packs, do I have lung cancer ? I am 16 ? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION !! PLEASE !!?

I am having trouble breathing right now my lungs hurt, and I am scared that I might have lung cancer. I started smoking cigarettes 2 weeks ago and I have done 4 packs during those 2 weeks. I didn't inhale alot, just a little bit. Maybe a bit of second hand smoking too because I sniffed some smoke from the uprising smoke of the cigarette. I'm scared, right now I threw away all my packs and swore to never smoke again. DO I HAVE LUNG CANCER ??

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    It is not possible to develop lung cancer in two weeks. Chances are that your lungs are just very irritated and have a great deal of smoke build up. Stop smoking. Try to go out for walks as much as possible and get fresh air. You should be fine.

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    I'm sure you'll be just fine. There are people who have smoked thousands of cigarettes and not had lung cancer but equally some who have cancer and never smoked. Whether or not cancer is the main problem there are lots of detrimental effects of smoking so it is bad for you. I smoked for nearly 40 years and stopped my advice is don't start. No doubt some expert will tell you that one cigarette will take a few seconds off your life but I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Good for you for being concerned and aware that your body is trying to

    Tell you something. Your lungs are very irritated. The chances of you

    Having lung cancer is extremely low but if you keep smoking like you have

    Been you will very likely end up with it in the future. So keep those smokes

    In the trash were you put them and let your Lu gs heal. They will heal

    But you have to stop.

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    Course you bloody don't... Some people smoke for 50-60 years and don't get it. Your probably having trouble breathing because your body isn't used to you smoking, second hand smoke is nothing like first hand, you have to be a second hand smoker for long time if you don't have any problems for it to do you harm

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    There's no way you can have cancer after only two weeks, but I'd suggest visiting a hospital and talking to some patients who are dying from cancer. It is a painful and freakishly horrible way to die, I 'll bet any patient you talk to will tell you they wish they had one more day to live. PLEASE throw those cigarettes away and never smoke a single one!

    Source(s): My father died from lung cancer when I was a Sophomore in high school. It was not a pretty sight. I was the one who got to carry him from his bed where he died to the ambulance that came for him. It was easy, though, since he only weighed 78 pounds.....
  • Jack
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    no way do you have lung cancer yet. it takes a while for that stuff to happen.

    Source(s): my uncle smokes a lot more than that and he's been doing it for like twenty years now. two weeks is not bad. and yeah stop smoking. its addicting! try weed. it isn't.
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    Very unlikely, but you should stop if you wana feel better

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    But you may have exasperated an asthma problem you didn't know you had.

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    Same problem

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