Septum Piercing, is a 14 gauge to big to flip?

I went and got my septum pierced because I heard they were easy piercings to hide and I've always loved them. I was going to get a 16g but the piercer talked me into get a 14g because they heal better and hang straighter, but the piercing I'm wearing, the balls are too close together to flip up. I'm curious. Is all 14g jewelery gunna be too hard to flip? Should I go down to a 16 gauge? Or just buy new jewelry?

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    I had the same question when I got my septum pierced. The horseshoe itself didn't look that large but when I got it through my nose and the balls on I realized it was really quite large. First, you have to take the balls off of the horseshoe. Put them somewhere where they're easily accessible but you won't lose them - trust me, they're really hard to keep track of.

    Tucking the first time is not going to be easy. Chances are likely, it'll hurt your upper lip, from the piercing scratching it. I pulled my lips into my mouth like I was making that pop noise after applying lipstick and just pushed. After a while, it'll be so much easier to tuck. Now, I can flip and unflip at ease.

    Source(s): Septum's been pierced for about eight weeks now. :)
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    no, you should be fine, it's just that particular piece. 14g is the standard size & most people have no trouble at all with hiding it. You can even hide stretched ones!

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    1 decade ago

    just get a wider ring.

    Source(s): i've had my septum for 2 years. I had that same problem when I use to hid it.
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