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jmanwwe asked in SportsWrestling · 9 years ago

How good would Wrestlemania 27 be...?

if this were the card? Rate it on a scale of 1-10 and give any criticism you want.

Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta, GA

Commentators: Jim Ross & Josh Matthews

Match Card: 11 matches; 10 excluding Tag Titles match

(maybe DARK MATCH): Unified Tag Titles: Corre(Slater & Gabriel) v. NeXus(Otunga & Ryan) v. Usos v. Santino & Kozlov w/ Tamina

WINNER: Corre after a 450 Splash from Gabriel to Otunga. OK MATCH.

Mask v. Mask match: Cody Rhodes w/ Dusty Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

WINNER: Cody Rhodes with help from Dusty after Dusty grabs Rey's leg as he comes off the ropes and Cody hits the Cross Rhodes. Sin Cara debuts to save Rey from unmasking and takes out Cody & Dusty. He shakes hands with Rey and leaves.


US Title Triple Threat match: Daniel Bryan(c) v. Sheamus v. Evan Bourne

WINNER: Daniel Bryan after pinning Sheamus with a roll-up. EXCELLENT MATCH.

Grudge Match(Showcase of Main Eventers): John Morrison v. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero(jumped ship to RAW on 3/7/11 editon of RAW after being FIRED from SD and attacked Morrison)

WINNER: John Morrison after a StarShip Pain. EXCELLENT MATCH AND SHOW-STEALER.

Big Show, Diesel, & Kofi Kingston v. Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, & Kane

WINNER: Show, Diesel, & Kingston after Show KO'S Jackson. GOOD MATCH. Leads to Barrett-Kingston for IC Title. Show v. Zeke, and Kane v. Diesel @ Extreme Rules PPV, following Mania.

The Straight-Edge Savior vs. The Viper: CM Punk v. Randy Orton

WINNER: CM Punk with a GTS after Orton hits his head on an exposed turnbuckle. EXCELLENT MATCH.

8 Diva Tag match: Bellas & LayCool v. Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Eve, & Trish Stratus

WINNER: NO CONTEST(AWESOME KONG DEBUTS during match and DESTROYS ALL 8 Divas. Natayla & Beth Pheonix come down for the save and Kong leaves the ring)

World Title Triple Threat match: Edge(c) v. Del Rio v. Christian

WINNER: Del Rio after Christian hits Killswitch on Edge

Grudge Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler w/ Jimmy Hart v. Michael Cole w/ Jack Swagger in Cole's corner and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as Special Ref

WINNER: Jerry Lawler after a Piledriver to Cole. Austin hits the Stunner on Swagger during the match.

WWE Title w/ The Rock as Special Guest Enforcer: The Miz(c) v. John Cena

WINNER: The Miz after the ref is KO'ed after Cena & Miz accidently knock him down. Cena & Miz are both starting to stand up and Rock runs down to the ring and gets into a Rock Bottom stance. He looks at Miz and Cena but decides to Rock Bottom Cena. Miz crawls over and covers Cena as ref counts 1-2-3. GOOD MATCH, EXCELLENT FINISH.

NO Holds Barred(Sreak v. Career MAYBE) match: The Undertaker v. Triple H

WINNER: Triple H after HBK SCM's Taker after he runs in through the crowd and HHH pedigrees him after a brutal match. EXCELLENT MATCH AND AN ALL-TIME CLASSIC.



Various Rock segments throughout show, i.e. Comedy segment with Santino, Backstage confrontation with Steve Austin & Vince McMahon, etc.

Update 2:

World Title is a EXCELLENT or GREAT MATCH. Lawler-Cole is OK MATCH.

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 5/10

    Source(s): U can't shee me! U can't shee me!
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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  • 9 years ago

    It would be the worst WM in history. This is actually very similar to what we will probably have at Mania this year, but with a few better perks...meaning WM will be even worse then just being the worst Mania in history. Defintely not worth a buy, in lease things change drastically from now until then, which I don't see happening.

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  • 9 years ago

    Quit showing off by putting down EXCELLENT MATCH on every match. Seriously.

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  • 9 years ago

    -1/10... JUST because you say that Undertaker will lose.

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