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What Tag-teams would you make/use to form a Tag-Team Division?

It's a fact that WWE's tag-team is unimaginably lousy, in fact I have no idea why they still have the Tag-Team championship. WWE uses tons of time re-airing stuff and booking matches/promos with no meaning. With good tag-teams in a division they can take a nice chunk out of that poor characteristic of WWE programming.

My Tag-Teams:

The Fortunate Sons (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Brett DiBiase w/ Ted DiBiase as Manager)

-Ted DiBiase Jr. seems to get more irrelevant by the day since Legacy's disbanded and I see it only getting worse. Ted DiBiase Jr. needs more relevance, and WWE needs tag-teams. So why should WWE let another superstar go to jabroniville, when they can use it as time on WWE Programming, something they clearly lack and which they can replace with the re-airing of promos that they do to fill their slot that always loses viewers. Brett DiBiase as shown much promise in FCW and looks to be ready to jump to the WWE together with Ted they can form a great heel tag-team along with their father to help get them over as a staple to their success as a tag-team.

The Jailbreakers (Trent Barreta & Johnny Prime (Lucky Cannon))

-Trent Barreta has showed he was great talent with his matches with McIntyre which look like it could be one of WWE's half-**** pushes and proved correct. Trent Barreta seems to be jobbing again, so why not make him relevant again, this time permanently as a great tag-team with FCW star Lucky Cannon. He isn't doing anything relevant either and both together can form a good tag-team as the Jailbreakers. A 50's styled prison rulebreakers tag-team. Both wrestlers are better as heels especially Cannon (with a switch to his old name Johnny Prime) and both would fit that theme very well together, creating a second strong tag-team to rebuild the division.

The Hart Dynasty (D.H. Smith & Teddy Hart)

-The Hart Dynasty were one of the few tag-teams that WWE has been able to make succesful in the PG Era and joins the list with the Edgeheads and Crymetyme as tag-teams that WWE has had that were half-way decent and dismantled them to release them and turn them into jobbers. D.H. Smith may face release after Mania season in the regular spring cleaning that takes place in the WWE and the only thing that may protect him is his name, but it won't make a difference if D.H. continues a path down jabroniville which he deserves if he stays a single wrestler. A solution, bring in a "real" Hart to team with him, Teddy Hart. Teddy is a great talent and can make up for D.H. Smith's dull personality with his high flying moves and charisma on the mic. A possiblity for Bret's son Blade Hart to team with D.H. Smith is also there. Either way the Hart Dynasty can be another succesful tag-teams and spark a very nice feud with the next following tag-team.

The Outcasts (Tyson Kidd & Rick Victor)

-Tyson Kidd seems to be another member of The Hart Dynasty entering jabroniville, but wait, why have him enter jabroniville when he can form another tag-team in the WWE with fellow a wrestler who have much in common with each other and can feud with The Harts. That person that Kidd can team up with is Rick Victor, a star currently in FCW and was also trained in the Hart Family Dungeon before it closed. Together they can form an incredible tag-team called "The Outcasts" as they were outcasted out of the Hart Dynasty and can start arguebaly the best tag-team feud of all time.

I think they should also keep Gabriel & Slater after The Corre, and finally bring up Los Aviadores. That gives WWE six solid tag-teams, a great start for rebuilding their invisible tag-team division. WWE doesn't even really have to bring in anybody that they don't already have, and nobody who isn't currently irrelevant to their programming. So they should make them relevant, and WWE needs to know that Main-Eventing isn't the only relevance as well.


Also Big-E Langston (Rename Langston Jones) could form a tag-team with Ezekiel Jackson called the Men In Black. They could wear suits and look intimidating as hell. Note: Langston is just as big if not bigger then in other words they would be the most intimidating/dominating tag-team of all time by far.

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    I would make alex riley and zack ryder woo woo woo a tag team! That would be the best and hottest tag team! And these are two guys that have sooo much potential but wwe decides to not showcase their skills

    I love justin and heath as a tag team :)

    I would also put r-truth and jtg as a tag team

    And john morrison and evan bourne would make a really good high flying tag team

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    I want it replace into no longer so yet regrettably the tag team titles are jokes, The tag team branch has continually been my maximum favorit in WWE yet by way of fact the years stepped forward the tag branch has slipped to very almost no longer something, and Smackdowns is between the worst, the only factor that could desire to restoration it incredibly is if the writers get off there A** and do something, and much less tag communities produced from 2 superstars in order that there popularity can pass up i want genuine tag communities which will stay mutually for an prolonged time, all in all i want the tag team branch i grew up with.

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    1) The High-Flyers (John Morrison and Evan Bourne)

    2) Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

    3) Primo Colon and Yoshi Tatsu

    4) The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and David hart Smith)

    5) The South Beach Party Boys (Darren Young and Percy Watson)

    6) Edge and Christian

    7) The Fortunate Sons (Brett DiBiase, Michael McGilliculty aka Joe Hennig, and Ted DiBiase Jr.)

    8) The Rapping Gangsters (R-Truth and JTG)

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    R Truth and Kofi Kingston

    The Dibiases(Brett and Ted)

    Tyler Reks and Drew McIntyre

    Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

    Tyler Black and Consequnces Creed

    Kane and The Undertaker

    Beth Phoenix and Evan Bourne

    Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio


    The Corre*

    *=any 2 members

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    Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson (World Domination)

    -Pretty much just monster heels

    Micheal McGillicutty, Ted and Brett Dibiase (The Fortunate Sons)

    - All are children of WWE hall of Hamers

    Wade Barrett and Drew Mcintyre (The future)

    - Both are the future of the WWE

    Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes (Dashing Perfection)

    - Both have similar gimmicks and both are really good wrestlers

    CM Punk and Chris Jericho (No name needed)

    - Both are great at talking and great wrestling skill

    Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara (Can't think of a name)

    - Alberto could do all the talking during promos.

    Edge and Christian

    -No explaination needed

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    I don't like the idea of just randomly throwing people together for teams. The great teams have years of experience together before getting to the WWE, which is why if I could pick any teams for the tag division, I would go with:


    Young Bucks


    Brisco Brothers

    Kings of Wrestling

    All Night Express

    America's Most Wanted

    With those teams alone, the division would be putting on the best matches of the show, any show.

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    I would like to see Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio form a tag team. I can imagine them having a spanish name that is symbolic of their native style of wrestling.

    They can also reunite Darren Young and Percy Watson.

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