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Is dog food cheaper than human food?

Would I save money buying dog food instead of human food?

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    No you would not. xD dog food is expensive, if your looking to save money on food try coupons, and bulk grocery stores like cosco :) buy bean, rice, and bread, cheap bulk stuff.

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    Thanks for asking. It's always good to raise questions. We are, none of us, born KNOWING what is good for our companion animals. A vet will know best for your dog: its breed, size, age, condition, activity level, etc. All that is just as important as the kinds and quantity of foods you give your dog. Some people cook their dog's food from scratch. Others use a standardized kibble in order to ensure the right balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. There are always questions about preservatives, additives, etc., and, on the other hand, supplementary vitamins, nutrients, condition-specific nutriceuticals such as glucosamine. The things to avoid, unquestionably, are chocolate (the "darker," the more theobromide, which is what causes kidney failure), onions, beans, chicken bones (anything that's splinters or is sharp), grapes and raisins in any quantity. But your dog's size, age, and health might warrant other exclusions as well. If you're looking for supplementing your dog's food with human-quality foods (meaning, you'll cut back a certain portion of the dog food in order to keep your dog from consuming too many calories), it's always good to think about vegetables. Making your own dog biscuits is easy with simple, natural, whole ingredients. Peanut butter, garlic, whole wheat, etc. Recipes abound on line. Making stock, can yield meat-flavored vegetables (carrots, potatoes, turnips). It's easy to look at the thoughtful sites that dog people have created on the Web. Rice, spaghetti? They're fine. They're just rather empty calories, so they're simply good for energy, not nutrition. Beans, on the other hand, can cause intestinal gas that's difficult for dogs to eliminate.

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    I will assume this is for your pet right? I would suggest human food. Generic dog food (cheap) is so horrible that it's pathetic. The 'meat' used is nothing but filler and left overs from rejected animals.

    Personally for my dog I boil chicken thigh, add canned vegs like potatoes and some pasta or even rice along with some seasoning for taste like adobo. Mix with dry food if you want.

    Either way, the food is good for the dog and yourself if you want a quick snack :)

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    There was a story awhile back about seniors who were on a pension plan and not able to afford to live eating dog and cat food, so I'm assuming that it is cheaper.

    But I wouldn't advise eating it at all.

    Buy ramen noodles, or pasta. Bah!

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    1 decade ago dog's food is cheaper than the humans who live in the house & she lives better than the humans

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    If you're talking about for yourself, it depends. It is cheaper, but when you start getting sick off the stuff, doctor bills might make up for it.

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    I eat massive amounts of spaghetti

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