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Whats up with this balloon?

Ok, So im babysitting this kid and I (stupidly) Was thinking about hot air balloons and if I could make a mini one... so I lit a candle and got a normal balloon and held he balloon barley above the candle for a few seconds, then stopped because I thought about it then, and realized that burned rubber might be toxic. My lungs started to feel weird... (i dont smoke) and I thought I should open the door the kid doesnt breath it in. He was playing on the compuer then, and I dont really know what the heck I was thinking doing that, because it put me, and the child in danger! Is there something I should do? the rubber didnt burn but it just was just a smell coming off it not a bunch but just a little bit. I couldnt see smoke...

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    Most balloons today are not rubber, they are plastic. It is true that burning some types of plastic puts off noxious and, in high concentrations, toxic fumes.

    You did not do any permanent damage to anything but the balloon. The human nose is fairly sensitive so, for most things, you can smell unpleasant substances in the air at concentrations that are very very much lower than are dangerous. That does not mean it is a good idea to breathe these substances constantly (you did the right thing letting in fresh air).

    It is not stupid to think about hot air balloons. It is actually fun to build them yourself. Some drinking straws, a light weight plastic bag, and a birthday candle may be enough to produce a hot air balloon that flies. Obviously this is NOT an indoor activity and you need to be careful and plan ahead. A burning candle and a plastic bag can set a tree on fire if things go badly. Keep the balloon on a tether so it does not get away and have a garden hose handy so you don't burn anything but the candle.

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    There are in elementary words 2 gases (lighter than air) to apply at the same time as filling a balloon, helium or hydrogen. Hydrogen is somewhat explosive, so this is not used anymore, yet what if it replaced into? i do no longer want to nag, yet do not do this sucking gas situation lower back except you're effective that's helium.

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