Do Flexographic printing costs increase if more colours are used from the CMYK colour pallate?

We're at the very early stages of setting up a small business and will need to print onto plastic packaging.

We will be using the CMYK colour palette in Flexographic printing because I understand that will be the cheapest method.

Is it likely that we will have to pay more for our printing costs if we use a wider range of colours?

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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on the graphics you are printing. If your design is red, yellow and purple, and you need them to match a certain color in a logo, then you would go with spot colors. If you are printing a picture, then you have to go with CMYK. If you are printing a photo and a logo that needs to be a certain PMS color, then it would be CMYK plus a spot.

    You can usually get away with printing CMYK to cover all the colors, but if you have small type that is, say, green, then you might want to put that on a spot plate so the type is sharp and doesn't look blurry, which it may if printed process (CMYK)

    And yes, each time you add a color, the cost will go up.

    Hope this helps

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