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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

I need a teen fiction book SERIES. Suggestions?

I am looking for a current popular teen fiction series.

I have read and enjoyed:

Touch Series by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Night World by L.J Smith

The Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

I really enjoy Paranormal romances and Fantasy/adventure, but lately i have been into thrillers with no paranormal parts like Pretty Little Liars. But i still love me some paranormal/supernatural books!


Yes i am a guy, don't hate! and I have read The Hunger Games(but not Catching Fire of Mockingjay) and i have, of course, read Harry Potter. I have also read Percy Jackson, but i didnt include that because it is a bit young for my age now. I also read the first Gone book.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I would second Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

    House of Night P.C and Kristen Cast - theres another one they do aswell about a someone transported to rome and they think shes a godess or something

    Meg Cabot - Size 12 is not fat (Heather Wells mysteries) series - Its kind of a thriller I guess, I really love it! All her series are amazing, I would check out The Mediator series for sure

    Hush Hush Becca Fitzpatrick (love this)

    Fallen Lauren Katie

    Vampire Academy Richelle Mead

    Vampire Diaries L.J Smith

    Posion Study Maria V Snyder

    Guradians of Time Marianne Curley

    Maggie Striefvater - Shiver, and then Linger

    The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (oh my god how could I forget these, these are my all time favourite books ever)

    Lauren Oliver - Before I fall and Delirium

    Mathed - Ally Condie

    Kissed by an Angel - Elizabeth Chandley (One of my favourites aswell)

    Source(s): Theres more stuff here, its a really good website so explore :)
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  • 9 years ago

    The Harry Potter series

    The Hunger Games series

    The Percy Jackson Series

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  • т
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    9 years ago

    Are you a guy or a girl?

    I would read Vampire Academy. Don't be to quick to judge. If you're a guy you might not enjoy them as much.

    Vampire Academy is about 3 different types of Vampires:

    Moroi: Are born that way and specialize in one of the five elements (Air, Fire, Earth, water, or spirit)

    Daphire: Pretty much 1/2 vampires, one parent is a Moroi and the other is a Daphire or human. They protect the Moroi from the Strigioi.

    Strigioi: They are not born that way, they are made. Any Daphire or Moroi can choose to become one or be forced. You become one when you kill a human for your blood and not get it from doners (doners don't die) They are immortal and can't use their magic after turning into one.

    Rose (daphire) and Lissa (Moroi) run away from the Vampire academy and are hunted down to come back. When they are captured they have no choice but to return the Vampire Academy after 2 years.

    The series is great and I highly recommend it because it has:

    Paranormal Romance


    and many would call it a thriller

    Its great! It keeps you turning page after page until you're done.

    Hope you read them :)

    Edit: I have too read the Hunger Games and you should read those too.

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  • 9 years ago

    Elfshadow (Forgotten Realms: Songs and Swords, Book 1) Elaine Cunningham

    Her Majesty's Wizard, Christopher Stasheff

    Nomadin by Shawn P. Cormier

    NiDemon by Shawn P. Cormier

    Don't Die, Dragonfly, (The Seer Series) by Linda Joy Singleton (teen psychic)

    Blue is for Nightmares (Stolarz Series) by Laurie Faria Stolarz

    The Blood Books by Tanya Huff (vampires)

    The Hallows Series by Kim Harrison (witches)

    Hybrid by Angie L Reed (vampires)

    Heir Chronicles - Warrior Heir, Wizard Heir, Dragon Heir - by Cinda Williams Chima

    The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

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  • 9 years ago

    The Gone series

    The Hunger Games series

    The Harry Potter series

    The Luxe series

    I am Number 4 (next book comes out late August).

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  • 9 years ago

    Um... You can read artemis fowl(eoin colfer), his dark materials(philip pullman), inheritance cycle(christopher paolini), bartimaeus trilogy(jonathan stroud), hunger games trilogy(suzzane collins), blue is for nightmares series(laurie faria stolarz).

    The above mentioned are all series, mostly paranormal/fantasy!

    These are some of my favourites and I think you'll enjoy them.

    Happy reading! :-)

    Source(s): personal reading experience!
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  • 9 years ago





    im seriously obsessed. They will change your life.

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