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Age appropriate bathing suit for a 13 year old? (See Picture)?

I love this bathing suit, but is it too mature for a thirteen year old? If so, what else do you suggest (please add a link if possible)?

Keep in Mind:

I am a little chubby

I don't like monokini's

I only like tankini's that are long enough to go to the top of the bottoms


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    Its appropriate for your age.My daughter Bonnie Connie owns one very similar and she's 14. She likes hers.

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    All of those swimsuits from Wal-Mart are going to be made really cheaply. They're not made to last. You can get a better quality one from Wet Seal, Forever 21, Aeropostale or Old Navy for around the same price and if you don't have one near you, you can order it off the internet. They're are many more options for more modest swim suits, also. If your concerned about being chubby, you can also try monokini's or even tankini's. Monokinis will let some of your tummy and back show through, and tankinis cover your tummy.

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    It's a bit mature, sure, but actually, it probably works really well for your figure. Good for you for knowing what works on you. Everyone wants to wear a bikini, but bikinis do not work on EVERY figure. So this is a good choice, I think. I don't know what your skin tone or color is... if you have dark skin like me, I'd say stay away from black swimsuits. They just don't look very interesting. But if you're lighter skinned, definitely go for black, as it slims you somewhat & hides certain flaws (anything YOU consider a flaw, that is).

    Since you said you like certain kinds of tankinis, there's a few here you might like-

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    i think it's fine, but it's a little plain. Try a swimsuit with a pattern, like this one:

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  • 9 years ago

    i think its a little too mature for a 13 year old

  • 9 years ago

    go to they have lots of bathing suits

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    your entire purchase

  • 9 years ago

    looks like something a old lady would wear

  • 9 years ago

    That thing is U G L Y!

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