Is there a charity that supplies or replenishes buffalo or bison for Native Americans?

This Saturday 3/5/2011 my sister and I attended a Native American event at the Brooklyn Museum. A sign on one wall described the history of the American buffalo, or bison, upon which the Plains Indians depended, and which the 19th-century whites wiped out in order to defeat the natives.

The sign said that today, Native and non-Native Americans are trying to replenish the buffalo on Indian reservations, to provide cultural pride, economic stability, and artistic inspiration. That "economic stability" especially got to me.

Do any charities solicit funds to help supply bison to the Natives? I know organizations like Heifer and Samaritan's Purse supply farm animals for impoverished people worldwide, but I'm not sure they do it here at home. Which organizations are replenishing the buffalo to help reservation Indians?

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    When it comes to Natives and bison, we do that ourselves.

    Just a couple examples:

    Ho-Chunk Nation Bison Ranch (Wisconsin)

    Intertribal Bison Cooperative (Flandreau, SD)

    It's no wonder we have to do it on our own. This is what the government does to the the last of the free roaming bison in YellowStone:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Even been a lawsuit against the government regarding treatment of these bison:

    If you are looking to contribute to a Native buffalo program, I would contact one of the tribes I listed above, or contact tribes in your area to see if they have a bison program. I am certain there are many more tribes who raise bison across the country, but I gave links to the ones I am familiar with.

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  • Supply Bison to Natives??? Your kidding, right?

    There are many organizations that are working towards making sure the Buffalo does not go extinct.....Canada just sent thirty breeding age Bison to Russia, to help replenish their herds that are endangered.

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