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How do these cars compare to green when it takes more ENERGY to get rid of the toxic batteries and the amount?

and how do you justify the road tax that we will lose for every gallon of gas you burn which is 95 cents how will you pay for the roads and the safety these cars will lose to poor design flaws and the noxious gas's these cars will produce while charging?

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    State revenue departments all over the US are trying to figure ways to tax the electric vehicles. It is only a matter of time.

    As for toxicity of the batteries, since they are such a specialized battery and require specialized training to handle the battery safely to avoid personal injury- the battery swaps are not likely to happen under someone's shade tree. Considering there is value in the metals inside of those batteries, even lead acid batteries in regular cars and trucks have real recycle value; it is improbably you are going to see any tossed in the ditch along some country road.

    But a valid concern is raised when one of these vehicles misses a turn or slides on an icy road into a lake or river- those batteries are going to leak.

    As for emissions fromm an electric plant versus an exhaust pipe- people are not going to concern themselves about that. Especially not in schools. Truth has no place there. Fortunately AGW is just a fraud so inneficiencies are not a real issue except to the owners' pocketbook.

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    With the price of gas getting so high that people can't afford to drive, the government won't be getting as much tax money from the fewer vehicles that can pay for fuel.

    Batteries are poisonous in a landfill but are also recyclable.

    The way to pay the road tax would be to add it to the registration fees, or charge people bringing cars across a border for the use of the roads. Maybe even tax tires based on the weight of their carrying capacity and the rated mileage that they will travel. This would still give a break to EVs since they tend to be smaller and lighter so they cause less road wear.

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    the batteries for nearly any EV are extremely recyclable. even lead-acid batteries currently in use are recycled.

    as for the noxious gases, you exhale the same gases about 40 times per minute. beyond that, the coal to motion power cycle produces less CO2 than the crude oil to motion power cycle. it also relocates the emission to a single source that might be easier to deal with in the future.

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