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What are good submissions for a wrestler to do in a BJJ tournament?

I have wrestled for 8 years. I just started BJJ about 3 months ago, and my instructor signed me up for beginners tournament. What submissions would be best for me to do?


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    Ask your instructor for moves that would be good for you. I assume you will be going for a shot or something so you will probably end up in some sort of top side position. You can get a kimura from there, gi choke with your own gi (if its a gi competition), head and arm choke, etc. You could probably transition to mount or north-south and submit from there. Make sure when you go for a shot to keep your neck down and shoulders up tight so they can't sink a guillotine on you.

    Good luck!

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    The ones you're good at. Without seeing you roll, I don't know what that is. I'm not trying to be mean, but this is the kind of question you need to be asking your coach and your more experienced training partners. It has less bearing on you being "a wrestler" and more bearing on what you're able to pull off in BJJ training under BJJ rules.

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    You are in BJJ 3 months ago, so you must be aware about what to do, besides by signing up on such tournament, rules and regulation are the things that you must be aware of, if what not to do as part of violations on such competition.

    Just keep practicing, because what's the worth of your Instructor if he can't guide you, this is a kind of question that you must rely to him.

    Good luck


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    You'll have 3 options

    1) tap with your left hand

    2) tap with your right hand

    3) verbally indicate to the referee that if you could tap, you would tap

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