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I'm stuck on Pokemon: Soul Silver.. What should I do?

I've beaten the league at the end of the game, but now I've gone to the other region and I'm very stuck and it's frustrating. I can't get to any of the other gyms and I've tried a lot of stuff. I have every badge except Brock's, the second to last and the last one. (I don't know their names.. Sorry) I've been trying to figure out for awhile how to get to them, but I just can't. When I go to Cerulean City, I can't go east from there. When I go to Fuchsia City, I can't go south from there because of construction or something.. I can't go west from Victory Road into Viridian City because of the policeman guarding the way. I've been to Suicune, (I didn't get to catch him.) and I fixed the problem at the power plant. What am I supposed to do??

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    well for starter's the reason you can't go south from fuchsia is because of the Volcano eruption on cinnabar island, the only way to get to cinnabar now is surf from pallet town then you'll find out that blaine's gym(fire gym leader0 is taking residence in sea foam islands.

    west from VICTORY road is mt.silver only way to get there is to beat all gym leaders in kanto and talk to professor oak. now i suggest you got to lavender town go to the radio tower talk to a man(can'trememberr which one) and get the kanto radio card, then go back to vermillion city and go east till you see snorlax go to your pokegear, turn to the radio drag the circle all the way to the top and that will play the poke flute.

    once doing that click on snorlax and he'll wake up and start a fight. after beating/capturing him you know can enter the diglets cave , go threw it and you'll hit route 2 cut down the tree's wherever you see, either go north threw the forest and hit pewter city or go south and to pallet town.

    now after doing all that, after beating brock, and blaine. you go back to cinnabar and talk to gary or blue in this case he'll go back to viridan city where you can challenge him to get your last badge.

    i hope i helped if you need anymore help or if i wasn't clear email me and i can help.

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    Did you get the EXPN card from the Lavender town radio tower. You need to wake up the snorlax east of vermillion using the pokeflute channel. Then you can go through the rock path.

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    u should try to check out some walkthorughs

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