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I have no friends and no one who really cares about me.?

At my school, all of my friends have turned against me except one who is very very shy but she is so nice. anyway, my parents have been fighting alot and I started cutting. I dont want any lectures about how cutting is bad becuase I know it is I just want this rough time to be over. I am not mad about my parents, I am upset because my friends hate me for a completely stupid reason and they dont realize I have autism and I am cutting and I am going through a much harder time than them. We go to an all girls private school and they are all super rich and get bored easily so they cause drama. I am not nearly as wealthy as them and am on a scholarship. I feel like I have no one there for me and I just want someone to listen.

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    ik how u feel :( I used to go to skool but now i'm homeskooled & I don't really talk to any of my friends from skool... about 5 months ago my parents were argueing alot moms "friend" came over & she got drunk & decided she was gonna leave my dad...I was mad at my mom bcuz she didn't tell me & so she took us to her friends house..she spent all nite talkin to this guy she didn't even know I started to cut myself & my mom didn't even notice, I wasn't doin it for attention tho, I was soo upset about my parents that cuttin my arm just distracted me...a couple days later my dad had a stroke & was in the hospital .. my mom realised how much she loved my dad & now they're back together & my moms 8 months pregnant :) Ik how it feels to b under all this stress & that cuttin just helps relieve it but I hope everything works out for u :/ & therye r ppl there for u just talk to someone about it --I'm 14 btw

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    I am sorry, Lot of teenager in school always begin not nice, and disrespectful for who person have situation like you has austim, Please stop cutting by yourself because not worth it! I used to cutting when I was teenager and right now I am adult, I realized some of my skins is still scar from past cutting. Look not pretty. I think you should talk to someone else or which is one of your parent that you can feel comfortable.

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    ok hunny i understand that your really upset

    and my ex gf slit alot because she was really upset and went into depresion

    and im not trying to be harsh however you dont know if your the one with the worst time and i know you might hear this alot however things that happen in this phase of your life wont matter in like 5years time ( other than your family )

    and if you need someone to talk to then here is my addy

    and hunny i know things look bad now but good luck and i think you will be ok

    just dont let them get into your head

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    i know this sounds harsh but if they turnec on you then they weren't good friends in the first place. I dont know what to tell you.. I cant believe they wud do that but if u need a friend or someone to listen to you then you can count on me :)

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    Okay sweetie talk away. You can email me if you like.

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    ...So, what's your question?

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