How much would it cost to travel Europe?

When I graduate high school, I would like to travel Europe with my friends. I want to go to Finland, Ireland, France & England. I want to stay in moderately priced hotels. So, if someone could give a rough estimate as to how much money this would cost and also, what would be a good way of transportation, dining and shelter? Thank you!

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  • Andy
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    9 years ago
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    Cost all depends on the level of comfort you require and how many fee charging sights you wish to see (there's plenty to see for free). I've seen estimates for budget travel on Y!A from $80 to $150 a day (plus transport).

    You may find this travel research tools page useful I created it to help plan my and other peoples trips, it will enable you to estimate costs for flights, hotels and hostels, it also provides advice by country, weather, currency convertor, wifi hotspot finder etc.

    I would recommend you stay in Hostels. This will allow you to spend more on sightseeing, and travel. Hostels are normally sociable places, you will meet people of all nationalities and be able to share experiences and advice.

    Europe has lots of Budget Airlines with flights sometimes costing a few dollars, so even with baggage charges flights within Europe can be very cheap if you book early.

    Travel light - you don't want to be lugging lots of weight around. Budget airlines e.g. Ryan Air charge for hold baggage but they charge less if its < 15kg.

    If you are thinking of Finland you should also consider Estonia, you can get a ferry from Helsinki to Tallin - one of the most beautiful capital cities, and cheaper than Finland.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Where are you starting from?

    Go to any of the airline purchasing sites, and find out what a ticket is going to cost.

    check the hotels you think you might like to stay at (a "moderately priced" hotel can run a couple of hundred dollars a night). Add that all up.

    You don't even say how long you plan to travel!!! That is key!

    How do you plan to travel between cities? Trains? Planes? do you want to buy a rail pass? Remember, that doesn't cover everything: You need to purchase seat reservations, and often surcharges for the more popular routes, beds, if you plan to sleep on can't just fold out the compartment seats, and sleep, six to eight strangers in a compartment anymore!

    Plan a day for each city, just to travel.

    Finland and UK are going to be more expensive than France and Ireland, but I think you have picked four of the most expensive countries in Europe!

    Only you can do this...

    Once you have all the dollar figures (I'm guessing you're US, since you mentioned "high school".), add 20% to cover inflation and currency fluctuations. There, you will have a pretty good idea what you need to have.

    When planning your time, remember, you probably have to be back for university before the second week of August, and you'll need to do tons of shopping, getting your wardrobe and dorm equipment prepared. That takes time.

  • Steve
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    9 years ago

    If you set aside a budget of 5K then you should be OK. That include plane tickets over there and the ability to splurge here and there. If you really want to go on the cheap you can cut a thousand or two off of that, but if you're there it might be nice to enjoy things a bit too.

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