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Is this a decently opinionated and legitimate paper? Does it seem plagiarized?

LOL (I'm a junior in high school) my teacher thought I plagiarized this xD . I'm like "In all honesty I have plagiarized in earlier years, but I broke that habit. Copy and paste any of this essay (b/c he has my essay on his flash drive) into google and you won't find a match, scout's honor, right hand to God." LOL again :)

But seriously, this ia just a 1st draft and we have a chance to edit it and turn it in again so any grammatical inconsistencies or plain old suggestions and opinions would be very helpful.

thanks in advance.

Mar. 4

BYU/Northwestern Sex Scandal Reflection

In my opinion, The Brigham Young University sex scandal was a scandal that’s occurred many times in the past, so it’s not startling in any way. Not as far as the chastity factor, or specifically Brandon Davies who is the accused, but the athlete-having-sex-scandal situation. The athlete is accused of paying for sex, the athlete is accused of having mistresses, or the athlete is accused of rape. This kind of scandal blows up because so many people are aware of that person’s agenda and the unexpected straying from this agenda isn’t just a surprise, but a kind of infraction or ‘crime’ in some people’s eyes. Being so incredulous about someone committing an act of this kind isn’t normal, because they’re normal like any other person. They make mistakes.

As far as Brandon Davies’ situation goes, that’s a another ball park I’m in. The rules he agreed to when applying and being accepted to BYU aren’t in Chinese, they’re in black and white and he clearly understood them. This is why most articles on the event hinted that he ‘admitted’ to having intercourse. He knew the rules, he broke them, and he got suspended. My opinion on why a guy should be allowed to be that intimate with his girlfriend and the details on that subject are redundant and irrelevant. It’s not my house; it’s BYU’s house, or in this case, Mormon school, and it’s their property/religious belief, so they make up and enforce the rules. It’s like the public being angry at the court and prosecution for the Kobe Bryant sex scandal. Yes, you can get mad and have an opinion, but you are a blip on the radar and you won’t be heard. He ‘allegedly’ broke the rules, and the protest of the public isn’t going to make it go away. There will be, and there was, a trial. It’s the same thing, but there’s no court involved. It’s college and the authorities in this case are the deans and staff.

Finally, pertaining to the Northwestern University sex demonstration, I have mixed feelings, because the people involved consented to seeing the act, and they don’ need a parent’s permission. Another iffy-issue at a college involving an act that sent a furor throughout the local area and across the nation. The demonstration was meant to teach, not instigate hollering and whistling and somewhat raging hormones. Yet, this is probably not what happened. It’s hard to say since I was not there. In a way it’s humorous because the professor said that the demonstration was after the class was over, and it was offered as an ‘extra lesson’. This is only humorous to me because, who in college would turn down seeing a sex act involving a naked woman and a sex toy in plain view (especially males)? It’s up to the school board to decide if and if so, how the people involved should be reprimanded or punished. I’m on the fence about this one, but in all honesty I can’t say I wouldn’t have been one of the young adults in that lecture room craning my neck to get a better view or legitimately trying to learn something about the female orgasm, but either way I would’ve been giddy about this one-in-a-lifetime event.


EDIT: lol @ the bible-banging mormon ^.^ . It's weird that you started your answer with 'because'... it's like you started the answer trying to convey a message as if you were a jehovah's witness. I didn't ask for mormon views, I ask for views on my view.. lol again.

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    9 years ago
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    Because the mormon sex life is not between God and yourself. It's between God, your bishop, the people who he tells your story to (discussing it, reporting it to higher authorities, etc.), and then you. Everything else is between God and you. There was just a question asked earlier, something about being a member of the LDS, and a few mormons said membership is between you and God. Its on the honor system.

    So, the honor system doesn't work among humans, mormon or not, it seems. I wonder if they just don't tell people life is ALWAYS between God and man. When you are taught to understand God is looking down on you, seeing every move you make regardless vs. taking a chance on some church authorities finding out? Which one would give you pause? The human middleman or God Himself?

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