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Why did Wilfredo Gomez have so much hate for Mexican boxers?

Jose Martinez told me about this and I swear My stomach turned! I'm almost ready to throw away all of my dad's VCR's of Gomez's fights. Ofcourse I wouldn't dare but why did he hate Mexicans? I'm Boricua and I have plenty of Mexican and all types of friends. Latino, Asian, white, Black. If your a cool person we can be friends. Wilfredo was one of my all time favorites but damn!

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    No, no, don't throw those fights away!

    That would be a mistake! Those fighst need to be preserved!

    Gomez just seemed to harbor his dirtiest moments for Mexican fighters... until 1982. I will explain why that is.

    Watch Gomez' bout with Al Davila, he knocks down Davila then spits on him.

    He did the same to Carlos Zarate in their fight, after he knocked him down, he stood over him, spat on him, then proceeded to hit Zarate after the bell and when he had a knee down.

    Watch his bout with Lupe Pintor, and count how many elbows Gomez threw in that fight.

    Before his fight with Salvador Sanchez, Gomez said that he was going to "send his w****** a** back to Mexico in a coffin." When told of Sanchez' remarks, Sanchez replied "I talk with these" (holding up his fists). He sure did.

    However, after Sanchez' death in 1982, Gomez paid Sanchez the ultimate respect by attending Sanchez' funeral and even left him a bouquet of flowers. He is still widely hated by many Mexican fans, but I don't have any issue with the guy and you shouldn't either, FOOTWORK. The guy is an all-time great and is my personal favorite fighter all-time from Puerto Rico.

    Gomez was the original "Mexicutioner" and would save his tricks for Mexican fighters.... until he ran into Sanchez, that is. Still, he made the Mexican vs. Puerto Rican rivalvy great in my opinion.

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  • 9 years ago

    It is the rivalry that drives him. It might not be real. I have read a lot of boxer/fighters who hate others but only those who were in their weight class and it could be because of professional jealousy which is common to anybody in the same field of competitions. I even read a news that Jorge Arce was looking for a fight with Gerry Penalosa with no reason when they meet in one casino after watching a fight between Brian Villoria and his opponent. He even waited for Gerry to come out of the casino. They are mad at the world.

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  • 9 years ago

    You seem like a pretty cool and understanding person so I can understand your disappointment. I remember, as a kid, feeling a similar disappointment when I learned how racist Jack Dempsey and Jim Jeffries were. They were two fighters whom I admired.

    Naturally, as I grew older, I realized that they were simply products of their time. It's not to say that they were less racist, or to say that racism is right. It's just to make a point that I realize something that people die and never learn. "Agreeing" and "Understanding" are not the same thing.

    Within the Latin cultures, as in other cultures, there were always rivalries. Part of it is culture. Part of it is pride and part of it is simply the passionate nature that some people --and lots of Latinos-- have. Naturally, I can't speak for all but I have known many Latinos in my life. To understand why one Latin group would have animosity against another, you have to understand world history.

    I've been all over the world and worked in an industry where you see some of EVERY group of people ON EARTH, literally. I've gained a wealth of knowledge, understanding and information about so many different cultures.

    Part of Gomez' feelings stem from the rivalry that has existed between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans for a very long time. Naturally, boxing has shown some extreme cases of this competitive nature. They're both very proud peoples.

    I remember my surprise at learning that Roberto Duran, part Mexican, part Panamanian, raised in Panama, hated Puerto Ricans. He openly admitted this. I remember debating with two of my Puerto Rican friends because they felt the same disappointment when I showed them some of the things Duran was quoted as saying. But, again, part of that was just the fact that Duran was an angry, driven man. He also once said, after a fight,

    "I wish I was a heavyweight. I'd come to the US and kick ALI's azz too".

    Again, I don't really believe that Duran's feelings were true hatred, any more than Gomez' were towards Mexicans. I'm nearly certain that, if you could talk to Gomez, today, his feelings are quite different. I say this because I've met him a few times. These were not just casual fan meetings. He visited our gym whenever he came to NJ because he had a female friend in the area.

    There were Mexicans there as well. Now, this was towards the end of his career so it's likely that he had already matured by this time. My point is that I didn't detect any hatred towards Mexicans in any of the meetings. Again, these were not just casual meetings.

    This is not to offer any alabi for racist behavior, as many people tend to do. It's only to offer an understanding of two different periods in Gomez' life. I can't sit here and swear to you that Gomez doesn't hate Mexicans but I believe I can make a safe assumption that his attitude was mostly a result of youth and over inflated pride than true hatred.

    I also believe this because of Duran and his chief rival, Esteban DeJesus, also of Puerto Rico. This is long before the days of Sugar Ray Leonard. Duran had an intense hatred for DeJesus, partly because he was Puerto Rican and partly because, for a very long time, DeJesus was the only man ever to defeat Duran.

    However, as years passed, Duran and DeJesus actually became friends. He mourned DeJesus' passing and attended his funeral and paid respects to him with his family.

    Now, ask Duran today, he probably still has nothing kind to say about Leonard. I can all but assure you that that has nothing to do with Leonard's color or race because Duran has always shown a great respect for both Hagler and Hearns, long before and after he fought them. Also, as quiet as it's kept, though he's well respected among the general public, Leonard is not very well liked in the circle of boxers themselves. I like Leonard too, as a fighter. But I can't list the number of things he has done to pizz off others in the world of boxing. I've met him too and I can see why some feel the way they feel about him.

    I think Jose's assessment and statements about Gomez were correct. But I'm almost sure that that part of Gomez' life is as old as your dad's VCRs. Duran grew up. I'm pretty sure Gomez has too.

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  • 3 years ago

    You in no way understand how blessed you're till you spot somebody with the comparable element you had yet you're doing ok yet they do no longer look to be. I easily have in no way pronounced the great Wilfredo Gomez at right here because of the fact it hurts to undesirable . I lost my blouse while he fought the previous due Salvador Sanchez lol. I willkeep this champion in my prayers. i admire Gomez and that i visit pass away it like that.

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