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Becoming a pharmacy tech north carolina?

In north Carolina do you have to attend a formal program or could I study from home and challenge the test? Also is it even required to be certified in north Carolina?

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    Here are the summarized requirements for North Carolina (it is from

    North Carolina State Requirements - Board of Pharmacy Technician Guidelines states the following requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician:

    -Complete pharmacy technician registration application and pay $30 application fee

    -The pharmacist to technician ration is 1:2, it may be increased if the additional technicians are nationally certified

    -Employers are required to ensure that specific training of a new technician is competed

    So, yes you need to be registered in North Carolina, there is not state specific test (but I do recommend obtaining your national certification, which is a test), and you do not need a formal training program, but your employer needs to have specific training for your practice site.

    If you have a job lined up, then go for it. If you need to get a job, I recommend an online program to get some basic training (online programs are lower cost and you can complete at your own pace). I have a lot of recommendations and tips on the site listed above. Best of luck,

    Source(s): I am a pharmacy manager
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