How much difficult is it learning Chinese language(mandarine)?

I want to learn Chinese for business purpose. How much time will it take and how much difficult is it learning this language? Is there any body learning it as a second language?

Please help me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    if you just want to learn to speak (and don't bother to read), then it is not way more difficult than other foreign languages, except that you need to accustom to the tones in Mandarin Chinese. if you also want to learn to read, then you need to spend a lot more time to memorize Chinese characters, you need to memorize hundred of characters before you have basic literacy.

    anyway, if you wanna listen to the Mandarin tones, try this page:

    if you also wanna learn Chinese characters, try this:

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    Chinese language is not so difficult as you thought. If you get interested in Chinese language, it will be much easier. You can try to learn Chinese online which can save you more time and make the classes more flexible.

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    I think the best way is to find some native speaker and learn from her/him.

    my names xing, from weihai china. Currently i'm self-employed,doing some web design, so i have too much time to kill. I'd like to teach chinese mandarin online since i am a native speaker. I find its something fun and helpful, and i will try my best. If you are looking for some chinese tutor,please leave me a message.

    We will discuss all the details(timing,study plan,payment method)

    As for the pay, according to the local tutoring charge, its around $6/hour, you can pay me monthly(after every one month, dont worry). If you feel im not good, then just tell me and no need to pay.

    Of course you should try me first.:)

    xie xie.


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  • 9 years ago

    Like Arabic, Japanese or Korean it belongs to the group of "Category III Languages" ("quite difficult for native English speakers", mainly because of the writing system and the cultural differences). For a native English speaker with a good aptitude at formal language study it takes about 88 weeks of full-time study to become fluent.

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    not bad, remember two things

    1 it ain't English get over it!

    2 don't ask why only how

    Source(s): wa way sho idiart po tong qua ( I know a little Mandarin)
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    English is my second's difficult to say.


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