What is the best way to download music for free besides using frostwire?

I don't want someone to tell me "downloading music that way is illegal use itunes your stealing blah blah blah" all i want is the best way to get music with minimal viral possibilities. Also, please let me pick best answer so I can see as many different answers as possible. Thanks for any help!

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    It you don'r want to hear what you don't the "illegal" spiel, don't ask in a place where the guidelines ask users to recpect the laws and copyrights of others.

    Frostwire and other P2P file trading systems, as they are or were actually used, violate copyrights so therefore are illegal.

    Bottom line, music is still copyrighted, and often pay for to get, in a manner which resprects the law, and the rights of the artist and lable or studio. Software simply cannot change that copyright, nor the intent of the copyright holder to make money off their work.

    That said legally free music can be had if you search for it on the web, but for major artists, it is the exception rather than the norm.

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    the only loose music is music with the copyrights in the standard public area. an excellent kind of classical music falls into the standard public area, however the copyrights are retained with the aid of whoever achieved the artwork for their overall performance, not the music itself. Any copyrighted supplies require a license for the copyright. this is in many cases not loose. As for frostwire, this is in basic terms a peer to look document sharing device, considered one of the who are available. I advise Shareaza for the reason that this is the only one not supported with the aid of promoting! document sharing itself isn't unlawful. It turns into unlawful IF the document shared is composed of copyrighted supplies. you're actually not getting "loose" music, you have become illegally copied copyrighted supplies, meaning you're receiving stolen products, this is the two a criminal offense as sharing the cloth in the 1st place. in case you wind up with a pandemic from an illegally shared document, annoying sh*t. Do you particularly assume sympathy once you're committing a criminal offense? Are you particularly THAT low priced and THAT stupid which you may danger penitentiary (as much as six months per offense) and an excellent (as much as $250,000 per offense) over a dollar or 2 to purchase a criminal reproduction? i'm able to't assist you wreck the regulation... that should make ME an adjunct and answerable for a similar punishment as YOU in case you get caught... do not do the crime in case you may not do the time...

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    us torrent

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