Can someone name some German female singers please?

If any of you know any German female singers (who sing in German, not English) let me know please.

I am not worried about the genre, as long as it is catchy and sounds good.

Specific songs would be a plus, as over in Afghanistan the internet is very slow, however I will be more than satisfied with the names of female singers/bands (who sing in German), that have catchy, good music.


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  • 9 years ago
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    Brigitte Ahrens

    Alexandra (singer)

    Alexis (singer)

    Charlotte Ander

    Lale Andersen

    Ari Up

    Désirée Artôt




    Kristina Bach

    Sibylle Baier

    Bajka (music)

    Irma Baltuttis

    Marcia Barrett

    Meret Becker

    Edna Béjarano

    Nadja Benaissa

    Nina Bendigkeit

    Andrea Berg

    Agnes Bernelle

    Jeanette Biedermann

    Bobo (singer)

    Jessica Boehrs

    Jennifer Braun

    Eva Briegel

    Evelyne Brink

    Hila Bronstein

    Inge Brück

    Claudia Brücken

    Heidi Brühl

    Judith Burmeister


    Yvonne Catterfeld

    Ji-In Cho

    Vanessa Civiello

    Sabina Classen

    Sarah Connor (singer)


    Esra Dalfidan

    Pauline de Ahna

    Vanessa Jean Dedmon

    Joy Denalane

    Anna Depenbusch

    Ludmilla Diakovska

    Marlene Dietrich

    Kristina Dörfer

    Gina V. D'Orio

    Doro (musician)


    Cora E.

    Blandine Ebinger

    Katja Ebstein

    Annemarie Eilfeld

    Hanin Elias

    Encore (musician)

    Elli Erl

    Margot Eskens


    Brigitte Fassbaender

    Helene Fischer

    Joy Fleming

    F cont.

    Katharina Franck

    Cornelia Froboess


    Johanna Gadski

    Elena Gerhardt

    Dora Gerson

    Ulrike Goldmann

    Angela Gossow

    Artemis Gounaki

    Elisabeth Grümmer


    Dolly Haas

    Nina Hagen

    Hanne Haller

    Ingeborg Hallstein

    Lena Hanenberg

    Judith Holofernes

    Natalie Horler

    Franziska Huth




    Karoline Jagemann

    Claudia Jung

    Andrea Jürgens


    Karaja (singer)

    Daniela Katzenberger

    Chris Kempers

    Kira (German singer)

    Johanna Klum

    Anna Katharina Kränzlein

    Dagmar Krause

    Nicolette Krebitz

    Marina Krilovici

    Maren Kroymann

    Christiane Kubrick

    Petra Kusch-Lück



    Barbara Lahr

    Hildegard Laurich

    Ute Lemper

    Margo Lion (cabaret singer)

    Liza Li

    Lou (singer)

    Annett Louisan

    Maloy Lozanes

    Christa Ludwig

    Lula (singer)

    Stephanie Luzie


    Geraldine McGowan

    Lori Mai

    Heike Makatsch

    Lucie Mannheim

    Mathilde Marchesi

    Billie Ray Martin

    Gini Martin

    Marianne Mathy

    Corinna May

    Gisela May

    Frl. Menke

    Lena Meyer-Landrut

    M cont.

    Michelle (German singer)

    Lisa Middelhauve

    Mina (German singer)

    Miriam Cani



    Rose Nabinger

    Julia Neigel


    Veronika Neugebauer

    Nicki (singer)


    Nicole (German singer)

    Sara Noxx


    Oceana (singer)

    Eva von der Osten


    Eva Padberg

    Jana Pallaske

    Kim Petras

    Vanessa Petruo

    Miss Platnum

    Eva Pölzing


    Verena Rehm

    Linda Jo Rizzo

    Charlotte Roche

    Kati Roloff

    Mary Roos

    Marianne Rosenberg

    Anne Ross

    Lian Ross

    Anneliese Rothenberger


    Erna Sack

    Sandra (singer)

    Barbara Scherler

    Barbara Schöneberger

    Juliette Schoppmann

    Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

    Xenia Seeberg


    Sexy Cora

    Sha (singer)

    Ireen Sheer

    Bianca Shomburg

    Elke Sommer

    Diana Sorbello

    Cassandra Steen

    Leni Stern

    Verena von Strenge

    Vanessa Struhler


    Dhana Taprogge

    Thérèse Tietjens


    Francisca Urio


    Lena Valaitis


    Jasmin Wagner

    Jessica Wahls

    Claire Waldoff

    Indira Weis


    Hilde Zadek

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    4 years ago

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