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Safe way to united center in chicago on west side?

I'm going to a Bulls game soon and I want to take a safe route. I feel if I go to a safe location in Chicago and then go to the UC from there ill be fine. I dont know the area all that well and just want to be safe. Any tips.

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    From downtown on Washington Blvd(eastbound) or Madison St(westbound) take the CTA Bus #20 to the United Center or even better take the CTA #19 United Center Express Bus which runs every 10 min. starting 90 minutes before the game starts. After the game buses return back to downtown for about 1 hour after game. Fare is $2.25 Cash on boarding no change given. Route #19 & 20 below. Safer than Safe!

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    Well obviously you'll be coming in via public transportation. There aren't any El trains that run too close to the UC, the closest station is on the green line at the Ashland stop which is several blocks away from the UC and a stroll through a pretty rough part of town. Taking a CTA bus or a taxi is probably your best option, a CTA 20 bus will take you right to the UC, You'll want to get on a bus that is heading towards Madison and Austin terminal and the UC stop is called Madison and United Center. Just a little heads up, this isn't a very good part of Chicago to be wandering around in just go to the UC and then once the game is over get back downtown or wherever you have to go quickly.

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  • 9 years ago

    take a taxi from a hotel

    some hotels do have shuttles that go to the UC

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