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Need Help For Day~Old Kitten?

I went to my friend's house and her cat just had kittens. Naturally, we didn't bother them at first but out of curiosity, we decided to check on the kittens. We noticed that there was one more of them and when we picked it up we noticed a huge gash in it's neck. No blood. It looked like the gash was made with teeth. We wraped her neck and she's doing okay and all but we were wondering what we should do about feeding. She is totally dependent on us to move it sooooo.....


The kitten is doing much better. We are scared to take her to the vet because they might put her down (it's very deep around the neck and a friend of ours told us that the kitten would be too young to do stitches on.) We are keeping the cut area clean. The kitten is nursing from its mother regularly. The kitten is becoming more independent each day which is good because the first day we needed to help the kitten a lot. Now the kitten can interact with the other kittens AND she can nurse with them. We won't need to self nurse the kitten. Today we were thinking of sewing the kittens neck up with my friends mother (she's a nurse.) For that we will need a sterilized needle and dental floss. Thanks for all the great answers!

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    Awww poor kitten. Maybe it happened during the birth when the mother was trying to tear open the sack or maybe this kitten was stuck right at the vaginal opening and she tried to pull it out and bit down too hard. or perhaps she was agitated and trying to move it and bit too hard.

    Did you wash the wound before you wrapped it? It would be a very good idea to get the kitten to a vet to assess this injury and the kittens condition. Infection is a very serious risk so should have a vet monitoring how the kitten does.

    Is the kitten able to nurse? Its mothers milk is the absolute best nutrition the kitten can get. so if that's possible that is the first choice. especially this first day so it gets the colostrum for immunity. If it can nurse, make sure that every couple hours you put it by its mother's teat & see that it latches on and nurses..

    I would definitely pick up some kitten formula (like KMR) and tiny bottle(s) from a pet supply shop or many big discount department stores have this stuff, because even if it can nurse you may need to do some supplemental feeding, or if for some reason it can nurse better from the bottle.

    You might even want the kind used for small wild creatures, with a long thin nipple.

    If the kitten can't even manage to nurse you will need to tube feed it for a while. This is something that CAN be done at home but you need to have the vet show you how and get the supplies.

    Newborn kittens must be kept very warm. If the vet says to keep the kitten apart from the others and the mama, you need to make sure it's in a place where the temperature is warm enough. like 88 degrees Fahrenheit. You can put it in a box and put a heating pad under a towel , covering like half the bottom of the box. Or you can fill plastic bottles with hot water and wrap them in towels and put in box around kitten. Then of course you have to keep changing them as they cool.

    Another thing that is crucial is after each feeding the kitten must be stimulated to pee and poop. The mother normally does this by licking then she just swallows the waste to keep the nest clean. You can use a damp cotton square / cotton ball and gently rub on its lower abdomen and anogenital area until it eliminates, then wiping it clean.

    Keep an eye on how the mother cat is being with the kittens, just in case she could have hurt the one kitten intentionally. ( Sometimes they can tell that a kitten has some problem and won't live anyway, so they kill it so they have more milk for the others. Or sometimes a young mother cat is just very confused when she gives birth and doesn't understand what these little creatures are and at first may think it is a mouse and bite it by instinct.) However if this mother cat seems caring with the kittens and was/is even trying to care for the injured one, I think it really may have been an accident.

    Source(s): the site kitten-rescue.com has a lot of info on hand raising kittens including how to feed, how much to feed, how to make homemade formula etc.
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    Mother cats chew off the sac the babies are born in sometimes and she could have accidently bit her. I would try to reintroduce them and see if Momma will take her back first.

    If you can afford to take her to the vet, you probably should. If you can't take her to the vet clean the area well with a little mild soap and water. You can use a Q-tip to clean it or a small rag but be gentle you don't want to wash off the scab or it will bleed again and make it heal slower.

    If you can't give her back to Momma, you may have to feed her yourself for a few weeks. To feed her, there is kitten milk and little tiny bottles at Petsmart or Petco. If you need something tonight, I think Walmart has some too. The people in Petsmart and Petco stores are full of free advice too since most of them have pets.

    In a couple of weeks (about 5 weeks) start putting Iam's kitten food (the stuff in the can that looks like brown paste) in the milk in a dish- more milk less kitten food at first and then each time put more and more kitten food and less milk until she is eating that, then you can do the same thing with dry kitten food when she is big enough. I said "Iams" because it is a nice consistency for a tiny kitten and you don't use much at a time so a couple cans will last a while.

    Other advice: Keep her warm, especially as young as she is. A warm blanket in a box with no drafts.

    It looks like this cat has adopted you. Cat lovers all tell tales of how their cat found them and most of us have a feeling we were chosen instead of the other way around. This one has found lucky you!

    Source(s): I found my cat at 4 weeks and had to wean her as well.
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    I would take that kitty to the vet. If it was made by teeth it can become infected. If she is depending on you to move her she maybe cannot get to a teat to nurse. Take her to the vet and have her looked at.

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    any pet supply store will have kitten milk formula stuff in a little can and little bottles as well. . .btw: AWWWW

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